Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Heirloom

When my baby shower happened I learned that the family bassinet that I inherited for this baby Patterson has a history that is over 115 years! My jaw dropped at this news and I felt like I was floating. How can this be? If it's 2008 today it implies that this bassinet was constructed around 1893...incredible. Surely it's undergone several coats of varying hazardous paints to bring me to my paint of choice: standard white spray paint...still hazardous I suppose. I believe it was teal at one point as evidenced by the bottom of the bassinet. Well, baby Patterson will have an immune system of steal so no hazardous fumes will intoxicate her little body, she'll be protected!
I finished the skirt of the bassinet over the weekend. Thank goodness you can't see stitches up close as I'm no seamstress, not to mention that now since I've made the skirt, I'd like to do it again, a bit different and with heavier fabric. But, who has time for that, really. This baby won't know the difference. I'm just proud to have been part of the Heirloom history!