Sunday, May 31, 2009

She's one years old!

Cool cat, wearing shades Uncle Darin brought her.

Ladybug cupcakes.

'Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you....'

She was amused with everyone's singing!


Too adorable. She's picking flowers.

Curious about the flower.

Wearing the tutu, Kaitlyn style.

Swinging with cousin Natalia.

Little cutie pie.

Total concentration...

The new bathtime fun, stacking the foam letters on her head.

Opening her piano.

Making music.

Making more music.

'Yummy. I think I'll have another bite.'

Going for an Oreo.

Focused on picking off all the Oreo dots.

Bubble time at gym class...

Tunnels. Her new favorite thing.

Swinging with laughter and delight!

How did this happen? Kaitlyn turned one on Thursday, May 28th! What an incredible year of surprises, emotional (and physical) growth, and absolute JOY! Kaitlyn has changed rapidly with each passing month, it's hard to keep up with all that she brings to our household. As she turns one she is completely walking-gone are the days of carrying her around. She's an independent child, filled with mischief, wonder, contentment and love.

She's been giving me hugs a lot lately and enjoys finding something she shouldn't have, run off with it giggling. I'm amazed at how she absorbs information and can mimic what we do. I find her holding the stereo remote and aiming it at the music box in her bedroom, laughing like she's doing what I always do. Brushing her teeth has to be the funniest. She takes her toothbrush and actually brushes her teeth while I use an imaginary brush and mimic the motions. Again, she is laughing the entire time.

We started her on whole milk this morning and I'm so grateful that she doesn't know the difference...formula is such a chore to put together. This weekend, starting with Thursday, was filled with festivity-now it's time for a nap.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeah, Water-it's good for you.

'You really need to stay hydrated when in the sun and drinking water is just the right beverage. Here, on the label you can see it's 'O' calories-now that's a great incentive especially since it's swimsuit season and all of us are trying to get our bodies in summer shape. Take it from me, water does a body fact I think I'll drink this bottle right now.'

Monday, May 25, 2009

Personality Boom!

'Mommy got me a new swim suit...finally one that fits!'

'I love my carrots, pasta and cucumbers! And don't think about feeding me,
let me do it all by myself.'

I'm walking, no I'm running!

Playing in the sand box with my friend Mikey.

My favorite spot-hanging with Cosimo on his bed.

If you spent three minutes or three hours with Kaitlyn you would see how alive she is. Her constant smirk, always ready to shine smile and her expressive eyes will forcefully keep you engaged! Add an audience of strangers, like customers in line behind us at the grocery store, or the folks out walking when we are walking and Kaitlyn kicks her personality up a few notches. She's really hysterical! Steve and I were laughing in the car the other night and Kaitlyn decided to chim in with a few belly laughs herself...this just fueled our laughing even more. She gets on a roll with all her little tricks and will do one right after the next if all eyes are on her...the tricks generally include any or all of the following: opened mouth with tongue moving from side to side, this of course is accompanied by a deep vocal lolololo; arms up, straight up into the air; hands tucked into her armpits and then up and down the arms go, a chicken-dance impression; and then to top it all off she'll start panting like a dog. Hysterical, really. Hysterical.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reflections as she slumbered...

I found myself reading some of the first blog entries I wrote over a year ago. My heart sank a bit as this pregnancy is so different emotionally. My desire to hibernate in the nursery has diminished, now it's a practical location for diaper changing and afternoon story time. The heirloom bassinet was fancied up for Kaitlyn and while I do think about changing the look for baby #2, 'Sarphen', I wonder when I will find the time to actually sit down and design something in addition to figuring out our new sewing machine.
Recognizing that I was exclusively emotionally invested in preparing for Kaitlyn while pregnant and facing the stark reality that I hardly have time to focus on Sarphen during this pregnancy, I found myself in an overwhelming emotional stir this afternoon. I snuck into the nursery during Kaitlyn's nap to grab something and basically stumbled over my own internal roar of sentimental motherhood. Kaitlyn was in a deep slumber with her bottom pushed into the air and her belly atop her 'Pony' (a baby blanket/stuff animal-excellent gift). This moment stopped me in my tracks. I'm going to have two sleeping beauties...

In the same room.

Sometimes crying at the same time.

One pulling on my arm, the other pulling for the boob.

Both on my lap for story time.

And hopefully both in the bath with ease.

One running and the other scooting.

One chasing Cosimo and the other looking at Cosimo.

Poor Cosimo.

I will be spotted pushing a duel stroller.

Will I ever go to the grocery store with both?

Oh my, the chore one errand will bring.

Both will sleep, and then so will I, I hope.

Both will calm my heart and fill me with joy, bring me to tears, and lift my spirits.

Both will capture me in a way I could never imagine.

Both will be little treasures.

I stood still for some moments thinking about the magnitude of this growing responsibility called motherhood. Sarphen was certainly thought of today in a special, tender way. As Kaitlyn continues to grow, talk and walk, I pause and inhale gratitude for all that has come our way. Sarphen will be a new adventure all of her/his own and then the two siblings together will be yet another adventure.

By the way, don't get any ideas. Sarphen is the nickname for Baby #2 as Stevrah was Kaitlyn's nickname. Both are combined versions of Stephen and Sarah! Thanks to my husband, he's the creative linguist around here!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Glancing at the week...

Mother's Day brunch with the Patterson crew in Long Beach.

Who is having more fun? Daddy or Kaitlyn?

Post inflatable pool action in our backyard...swim suit all crazy,
diaper fully loaded and sunblock wearing off.

Two year wedding anniversary dinner at Pala Mesa!

Second time in the water this week...but this time with crazy Cosimo!
He was just as happy to roll in the grass as she was to stomp in the water!

Hmmm. Stairs. I took this photo to document her curiosity.
Minutes before this was taken I found her on the first stair
totally headed for the second one up. Gates anyone?

Too cute for words. Daddy's little girl.

Look at my muscles!

She's doing it....Thursday while at My Gym class Kaitlyn took off and walked across the room. Well, at least five steps on her own without tumbling to the floor. Then she did it again, and again and again. We can't seem to repeat the success, but it was such an incredible thing to witness. The moms around me were just as amused and moved as I was-some having already experienced that first moment with their child, others anticipating the big day! I almost cried with excitement. I can't say she is walking 100% at this point as she still doesn't know how to pick herself up from the floor without help and she doesn't strike out on her own each time her legs touch the floor, but she is certainly moving in that direction and each day since Thursday it seems her desire to cruise by feet is more and more real!

Mother's Day was a complete surprise-Steve rose to the occasion and indulged me with lavish attention starting with daybreak...he got Kaitlyn up and out of bed (I thought that day would never happen) then he made me breakfast-just how I like it... I could rattle on and on as in all truthfulness, it still hasn't ended...well, ok, maybe the lavish part ended when Mother's day ended, but the attention for both Kaitlyn and myself has been rather nice. I'm thinking Mother's Day should happen at least once a month. I think it keeps these husbands/dads on their toes! Ha! We ultimately spent part of the day with his mom and then with my mom (the latter of which I have no photos...should have as Darin, Maria, Scott and Kimberly and even Benet were gathered to celebrate).

Kaitlyn found her liking for the pool, at least the inflatable pool. We'll find out what she thinks about the big girls pool in late June. We signed her up for four weeks of swim class-one of the milestones each child is to do during this time is to jump into the pool to the parent. Not so sure about how that will fly, but based upon her no fear approach to the My Gym enviornment, she may be a little dolphin in no time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Trip to Vegas

The pregnant bellies...this was taken at Penny's baby shower-the whole reason why I even embarked upon this Vegas trip! She's due on July 9th and I'm due on October 29th....hmmm, am I gaining too much weight too fast or am I just really showing way early???


Poolside chillin at the Monte Carlo...on the strip!
Kaitlyn really knows how to soak up the sun in style.

Up close and personal.

Taco Bell pit-stop on the way to Vegas.
Kaitlyn was having a blast particularly because she was out of the car stretching her legs.

It was a whirlwind trip, almost too fast, but then again, not long enough. Traveling by car with a little one, while being pregnant, is certainly an adventure, not too mention my Mother-in-Law (Nana) as my right hand passenger and Kaitlyn's personal assistant. Let's just say airplanes are way easier as you aren't the pilot and you don't have to worry about how long the trip is or how to get where you are going.

Now that Kaitlyn was introduced to Vegas she doesn't need to go back. Nope. Not until she's 35-they don't call it 'Sin City' for nothing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

23 days to go

Well...Kaitlyn is almost one! Did I mention she is going to be ONE? Hey, my little girl is turning one in 23 days!!!!
It's overwhelming if I think about it.
My life is changing ever so rapidly.
These past 11 months have seemed so fast and at the same time felt like an eternity!
Did I mention I am also pregnant? Hey, I'm pregnant, did you hear? Mommy's having another baby Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn, you are going to be a BIG SIS!
I'm 14 weeks and 5 days.
My tummy is sticking out now and maternity clothes are the only things that fit.
How is this all happening?
Kaitlyn will be 17 months when baby Sarphen arrives (Sarah + Stephen = Sarphen...nickname for baby #2).
Kaitlyn took her first solo step tonight. It was unbelievable I almost found myself in tears. She will be walking within the week....then two weeks later turning one and five months later becoming a big sis. What else can come my way??? Really, I seem to be on a role with hitting some major milestones....

Here are some shots from our day with Nana...