Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Girl Bed

The B E D...Big Girl Bed...Princess Bed...Kaitlyn's Bed.
Frilly bedskirt needs ironing, but will be on this week to complete the look!

Fuzzy photo but classic Kaitlyn excited look...

Lost in Princess world...notice the satin pink clutch hanging from her arm and the rose ring on her finger? The entire evening had to be Princess Princess Princess so to celebrate the theme and the emerging need to get new bedding to fit this huge bed...she also got a gift of princess gadgets (cell phone, keys, lipstick-fake, ring, pocket heart mirror, etc that all fit into this satin purse).

Never did I think I'd be purchasing Disney Princess bedding for any child of mine. BUT, with Kaitlyn you can't help but want to indulge as she is nothing but Princess stuff right now. Saying 'Princess' gets her to smile, leap, jump, act all girly. It's pretty darling.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

S P E N, strung out.

I'm sure every mother has these days where they find themselves walking around with an incredibly unfriendly stern face. That has been me for the past five hours or so. In hindsight, I'm the farthest from unhappy, but in the moment, I have had one trying hour after the next all thanks to my lovely Miss Drama Queen Extraordinaire, Kaitlyn Marie! Between Steve's borderline manic personality and my outstanding emotional range, it's no wonder Kaitlyn demonstrates these bursts of extreme behavior. Today was one of those days where she was loaded with hyper activity, over-intelligence (as I like to think of it) and tears of hysteria! Where to are some of my rambles:

-Was it the initial climbing out of her crib during 'quiet time' that had my emotions stirred? She was running around the house in pure glee for having slipped out of her crib without being reprimanded (Steve thought I let her out and I thought he let her out)....

-Maybe it was the fear that the two 7lb weights she chucked upon the floor only inches away from Dylan's body was the reason behind my negative energy...

-Really it could be simply from the fact that she is now capable of climbing out of her crib (she did it a second time this afternoon on round two of 'quiet time') and I fear the next stage of toddler bed nighttime routines...she will most likely make every night rich with drama. The anticipation alone makes me grumpy.

-My frustration is no doubt partly due to her over sensationalized reaction to a scuff mark on her knee from a morning walk...this little girl volume of both voice and tears resulted in an enormous, overly lengthy tantrum when placed in the bath (met with great resistance, mind you) and water went upon her bandaid. She was fierce with her stance, there was nothing to console her. She tightened up and stood frantic with cries of pain. Made me think for a brief moment that she was really IN pain...BUT, I'm not that easy. After a good verbal word exchange, a count to three (about 30 minutes of a tantrum later-yes, it was that exhausting to try to peel her out of the tub and actually take care of bathing Dylan simultaneously), and a new Strawberry Shortcake bandaid upon her magic, all pain melted away.

-No, I'm spent just due to the basic bedtime situation. Lately her gig has been to call out, 'I need to go to the potty', once placed in her crib. Honoring her request turns into a game complete with leg kicks and tears when I feel she is 'done'-she would stay on the potty for an hour if I'd let her. Couple this with the fact that she just can't handle going to bed without particular articles of fashion....her hat, silver shoes, her feather boa...and of course the stuffed puppy and pony. At least tonight that was the deal. Tomorrow it may be her 'snowman' hat and 'mittens' (mittens are generally socks worn on her hands) or rain boots with a headband. Aggghhhh.

All the while I'm working with Dylan-and tonight the poor guy had some serious cries from neglect. I had to leave him alone multiple times surely making him feel stranded upon the floor in order to tend to Kaitlyn in another room. It was an ongoing chain of events that have me at this moment feeling like I really wasn't signing up for all of this when I said I wanted to be a mom. I really felt miserable, unhappy and angry today.

Now that both kids are sound asleep and I'm debriefing my afternoon/energy, I feel a weight lifted. I'm going to get through this. It's no doubt a testy time and also a hilarious one..

I leave you with this......
She was looking at this carousel that rotates three horses when music plays (very small, fits on a side table). She declared the end piece of each pole that went through each horse was called the horse's peanut (for penis)! Hilarious!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The girl dress shop...

Lost in her frills!

The classic Kaitlyn smile.

This last photo-her expression reminds me of a photo of my mother when she was probably just about the same age. Incredible how genetics sneak in one day and get lost in another!

It drains your wallet-well, not mine, but my's a shop to experience at least once if you have a girl, Luan's Dress Shop (since 1952) located in Long Beach. Imagine walking into a dress shop that is exclusively for young girls, toddler girls and baby girls. Yes, it puts any Nieman Marcus or Macy's to shame as the racks in this shop are packed with boutique treasures. From casual to chic, from holiday to everyday, from headband to bow, from glitz to pearls, from handbag to throw, you could never walk out of this shop with one item.

One of Kaitlyn's latest Luan's treasures, this pink & dark gray Sunday dress is made of heirloom quality cotton, and adorned with black glass beads in the heart of the decorative pink flower. It's definitely a dress that needs special handling when washing! Kaitlyn wore this dress on Sunday and as usual, felt like a princess. Heck, she is a princess. She loves all things with frills, ruffles, layers, sequence, jewels, feathers and florals.

Now, if only we could find an all boy shop my mother-in-law would really be broke...

Urban Traveler

Kaitlyn rode home with Daddy to allow both of us access to the car pool lane. It was her first time in a front seat and apparently won't be the last. She LOVED it, or as Steve said, she was over stimulated!

The serious co-pilot.

Dylan, 'I want your water, Sis'.

Kaitlyn, 'Dylan I told you it's mine, you can't have it!'

Friday was a day of exercise for the Patterson family! We loaded our bikes, our Burley trailer, and headed to Long Beach. Nana greeted us with her fancy three-wheeler, and together we cruised the boardwalk...

Dylan was vocal about his dislike of the entire idea from the minute his helmet was strapped.

Kaitlyn continually held her chin high and took on the big sister role with such grace-putting her arm around Dylan and expressing words of consolation...until they both had enough.

Kaitlyn figured ways to pester Dylan, toss items outside the trailer and sit in a way to make Dylan feel like he had no control of his own posture. A real sight to see, and for me, as they were hitched to my bike, a real sight to hear! Adventurous memories.