Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick notes...

December has finally arrived and with that I anticipate a few ornaments crashing to the floor, the possibility of our tree being pull over and of course Kaitlyn's new dress shoes being worn faithfully to bed each and every night! It's a delightful time of year and I confidently say that as I am thrilled to report each of my children are entering into new phases of their personality...a softened phase for Kaitlyn and a real tender phase for Dylan. Goodbye pushing, shoving, and finger pulling and hello to polite, yet opinionated, and loving Kaitlyn. She is full of conversation from the moment the sun comes up til the stars dance in the heavens above. Some noteworthy highlights of late:

Kaitlyn is about 97% potty trained. We occasionally have the mishap on the floor in front of the potty...I can only guess she didn't pull herself up in time-I don't know as she likes her privacy. She abruptly lets you know with her hand up to you...'Stay Away'. Ok, I saunter back to whatever the task is at hand and wait for her declaration "I went pee pee Mommy" or a frustrated cry indicating she really needs some help. The latter is not always met with grace. The poor girl can be on the edge of a major meltdown due to frustration with getting her panties on or trying to turn the water off...ask for help? Oh no, that would conflict with her fierce independence. FYI, we sent her for a night at Nana's Potty Bootcamp (our mother-in-law...she was animate about getting her potty trained) and she came home like a big girl.

Dylan is the hugging type at this moment in time. He just loves his sister and finds ample opportunity in the day to go up to her and place his arms around her, then let go and carry on his business. Yes, I melt each time I see this. No, it will never get old. He also does this open mouth kissing business...ask for kisses and while it's not an on cue thing, he does eventually find your mouth, centers his in front of yours and like any good Hollywood smooch, leans in for a big one. I can't get enough, it's really darling.

Of course I could write so much more as the details on these two kids would fill twenty novels alone...but as always, time doesn't permit!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Boy

Facing Forward!
1 year
25.2 pounds
31.5 inches
75th percentile
He's a BIG BOY!


Our masks I made for our Masquerade Ball...

Steve in his Masquerade Ball bliss-yes, he's in a tuxedo. We were on a vacation in Desert Springs for his partnership. What a lovely time away. Kids were with the grandparents, and GRAND they are for having them for two full nights!!!

Trying on one of the masquerade masks we were going to wear for our Ball as a back up plan!

Fall Festival in nearby town...just a darling face!

When Dylan's costume arrived in the mail, Kaitlyn HAD to try it on. Here she is busy with velcro and Dragon dress-up!

Halloween 2010

Hmmm. Daddy sort of looks like Dragon Dylan. Or does Dragon Dylan look like Daddy?

What a shot!

The Slayer Dragon Dylan...he's in there, I promise!

Kaitlyn and cousin Natalia, with Dragon Dylan. The girls held hands THE ENTIRE TIME!


Butterfly Princess Kaitlyn and Fairy Princess Natalia.

Off they go!

Did I mention they held hands the entire time?

Wings of beauty!

Even the dog had wings...no, he wasn't with us!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

ONE and weighs a TON

Balloons A L W A Y S bring Dylan to smiles.

Lunch with a balloon. What a great date!

Airplane cake, complete with homemade marshmallow clouds!

Why of course Kaitlyn helps out with the blowing of his candle!

Diving in.

Yes, he likes it!

Loving on Kaitlyn's baby doll and getting cozy with Godmom, Chiara.

More sweet loving!

All boy!

Check out those feet!

Preschool Halloween Bash

Kaitlyn's preschool did a Halloween Party this past Thursday (Dylan's actual birthday). What a party! Food, live music (a bunch of drums-just great as there was a huge line of various sized conga's for the kids to play) and costumes! Dylan wasn't dressed in his costume as he was asleep when we left!

The band-great steel drumming!

Butterfly Princess doing her part of the music!

Looking over her shoulders to see her wings.

'Ring around the rosie...'

'we all fall down....'

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A morning to capture...

Side profile. Trying to show off his 'Heames Butt' (aka, No Butt)!

Future pianist.

Notice Kaitlyn's mis-matched shoes. Intentional. She was pretty proud for putting them on this particular morning.

Getting ready to compare legs and feet.

Checking out their toes.

Is it just me or are these kids attempting the same expression?

Checking each other out.

'That was funny, sis' says Dylan with a slap to his knee!

'Dylan, I'm not funny. Y O U are funny.' Kaitlyn states this in her typical 'I'm the boss of you' attitude.

Catching some respite. Notice her lovely bed hair!

Same morning. Post bath. Dylan is attempting to side tackle/head lock his sister!

Kaitlyn swiftly moves in on top!

And back down to the side...

Chilling for a moment before striking out again!

Let the fun begin!

He's all tuckered out!

Having a great time, despite a soar leg!

Moving on up in the world! Dylan's first facing forward car seat. He was in heaven, in awe and awake to take it all in!

Yummy fingers!