Thursday, October 30, 2008

NICU Halloween Bash

Kaitlyn, the curious Piglet

Getting some laughs in...

Kaitlyn, the flying piglet...

Uncle B, work and play...

Mommy her little Piglet

What a blast of a time...fortunate for us Benet was in town for the evening so he joined the festivities! Each year all newborns that were under the care of the NICU Angels are invited to celebrate their lives at a Halloween reunion at San Antonio Community Hospital. This year was the 18th bash, filled with caricature artists, scarecrows, food and photography. It was a festive night out for the three of us, Kaitlyn, of course being the star of the show in her hot pink Piglet outfit!

Young and Old

If wrinkles could talk I think my Grandmother's hands would have enough short stories to create a series of novels. Seeing Kaitlyn's smooth, round fingers holding onto her Great Grandmother's thumb my mind was captured by the intricate lines and age spots painted upon her hand of 90 years. What will Kaitlyn's hands look like when she is this gracious age? My hope is that she, too, will have a series of novels...if only wrinkles could talk.

Today we shared the morning with her Great Grandmother, another treasured visit. She looked so fresh, wearing crisp white and hair recently styled. Kaitlyn took to her without hesitation, she knows her Great Grandmother, there was a sense of familiarity.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High Chair Chat

It took me forever to pick out a high chair, I was obsessing over which one to get. Plastic with adjustable foot rest or wood with stationery rest; 3 reclining positions or none; collapsible or permanent; wheels or no wheels; vibrant candy striped, obnoxious disney characters or fashionable solid fabric; tray that goes on with one hand or requires both...choices. Sometimes I wished it would be more simple, it's hard enough for me to decide if I like Pampers over Huggies.

Well, after obsessing for more than three weeks I purchased a high chair that would be just right:
no frills
can stand up to 60lbs (aka, it's an investment)

Sure, it doesn't have wheels, there is no reclining position or adjustable footrest and the tray takes two hands...but so what. I may not be able to squirt it down with a hose but it's not flimsy, it's not an eye sore and it certainly will last through the ages!

Having babies really changes your home...I find burp cloths in bed, toys in bathrooms, boardbooks in the office and Kaitlyn's laundry is always going! There are sippy cups and gerber spoons in our sink, breastmilk in the fridge, baby shoes in the family room, and a new collection of baby/toddler catalogs in our mail. To think it's just the beginning!

On a side note, Kaitlyn is growing a Mohawk! This phase of hair loss/hair growth keeps us laughing...

5 Months of SMILES

We had a photo shoot this morning right in the guest bedroom adjacent to her nursery. I grabbed this lovely summertime dress as it went with the fancy hair band I recently purchased and sat her next to these frilly pillows...such a girl! I am almost convinced that the mornings are my favorite time of the day to enjoy Kaitlyn. She is overly expressive, filled with smiles and an energy that seems to say 'I love being awake!' I could face her in the morning, any morning, and feel revived, ready to embrace the day ahead. Her sweet sparkle in those eyes melt any tired spell I may have.
I am truly blessed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Family Affair

What a special day to remember! Steve hung out with Kaitlyn and I as we ventured to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch to capture some holiday spirit and family portraits! It's not everyday that we get Steve to tag along with our activities so today was a real treasure. He was Super Dad: feeding the goats with Kaitlyn in tote, talking to Wilbur the pig, posing for endless candid photos, and just showing off his gals! Little Miss Sunshine was taking it all in and I was thinking 'there are trade offs for having a husband who is generally free during the day--he can come along when Kaitlyn has field trips at school, he will be free to make any show and tell and he is able to have afternoon naps with his wife!' Hmmm. An attractive schedule for an attractive man!

An Expanding Cuisine

The time came, I knew it was going to be sooner than later. Kaitlyn was introduced to rice cereal. The first experience, as photographed here, was met with wide curious eyes and a wide open mouth, but today's trial was very different. I'm anticipating her gag reflux to kick in as her facial expressions today were everything but curious and satisfied--in fact I don't think any of her spoonfuls actually went down her throat (most of it came back out and landed either in her lap or cascaded down her chin like a creamy rice cereal waterfall). She was more amused with the spoon than swallowing. No problem, all the books say this is expected and as I try more each day she'll eventually figure out that the flavor is pretty tasty (ummm...can't say I agree with that statement but for someone who has only had mother's milk, I'd say it's a start for creating a discerning palate)!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yummy...I want some of that Mom!

If you won't tilt the cup, I will...

The aftermath-a satisfied gal (despite the damp PJs from all the guzzling)!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Girls for Obama

'It's quite simple, Girls for Obama.'

'What, you want to talk politics?'

'I'm ready to wash my hands of this whole campaign stuff and just vote...'

'Then I can get back to the basics like gnawing on this frilly pink blanket.'

Motherhood Mission Statement

Arms open and heart ready to receive I stand before you as your Mother, in pure authenticity, today, tomorrow and forever.

I model behaviors that influence you to blossom and grow into a graceful being, filled with spirit, joy and perspective.

When paths create hardship, turmoil and separation, I remain present and respond to your call. When paths are radiant, wondrous and alive, I am there to celebrate with you.

I remain humble throughout our blossoming friendship so that I may learn from your wisdom both spoken and observed.

I have strengths that you may wish to disguise or magnify, thus, I posses sensitivity to understand and a desire to be understood.

As your Mother I respect your individuality, nurture your freedom and encourage a passionate heart that will ignite your senses.

I provide opportunities to fuel your mind and challenge your knowledge; I remain loyal to our roots and cherish this new foundation of family that we build upon with each day.

As your Mother, I eagerly anticipate our discoveries with one another.

As your Mother, I love you.

I wrote this for Kaitlyn on October 12, 2008--it was as a final assignment for Moms Embracing the Moment support group of which I have been a participant since mid-September.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Backyard Photoshoot-For the Record

Since I love showing Kaitlyn off, I couldn't keep these winners to myself. While they are a few weeks outdated, they will still bring a smile to your face. Please note, she is wearing baby pink scrubs! Is this a medical professional in the works?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reason for more photos...

It's the outfit-honestly! I've been patiently awaiting this day. Kaitlyn received this darling Bohemian Chic one piece jump suit from a gal I used to work with. Now that she has an accelerated G-R-O-W-T-H pattern and fits into a six month wardrobe, I anticipate a two to three week window of opportunity for her to style around in this. She'll see it again, just have to wash was subjected to one of her fabulous explosive diapers this afternoon (I think the biggest one yet)! Is it the outfit that is making her so expressive or the crazy duck quacking on her exersaucer? Okay, I'll take the credit--she's just happy to be staring back at Mommy!

Chillin' with exersaucer session!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Little Thoughts-Big Meaning

Friday afternoon my weekend started with unwelcomed emotion simply because I haven't been getting the sleep that I really do need. Tears were on the edge of each eye lid; exhaustion, it gets the best of me sometimes. Then the phone rang, just after 7pm. It was Steve, calling to let me know how everyone at work loved the latest blog post showing Kaitlyn sucking her big toe. My heart melted, the tears finally were shed and a smile came over me. This is what it's all about. The little moments aren't so little when your day is graced--and consumed--with such a miracle. Kaitlyn does tire me out and I do need a break from her constant joy at times, but then something as ordinary as a phone call can make the mountains rise and the sunset shine. It puts the exhaustion into perspective.

The night continued with Grandma and Grandpa coming over. I was so grateful for their company, it allowed me to cook with confidence and do circles around the house knowing Kaitlyn was close by but under their care. Yet, in the midst of my unraveling, another little moment became extraordinary. My dad was holding onto Kaitlyn just chatting away about her hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa...then I realized Kaitlyn will only have one Grandpa to cherish and know. There are no Great Grandpa's living and Steve's side she is gifted with only her Nana. Tremendous. May we always welcome Grandpa visits...(of course any Grandparent or Nana visit would be greeted with open arms, I just want to pause and bottle up her Grandpa--he's the only one she'll know for her lifetime).

The photo above was taken this afternoon on this gorgeous autumn day!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tater Tot Toes

They must taste like tater tots or mac n' cheese...possibly they are more savory like a french crepe...yum. Even if the menu changed everyday this little girl finds them amusing and delicious.

Toes were not the only discovery of the week, Kaitlyn found a new strength. She began rolling over from back to belly. Once on her belly she would hold her head high like a yoga queen doing a sun salutation. It's caught here on video--my entertainment while watching Tuesday's Presidential Debate (you'll hear it in the background, Senator Obama answering the last question of the night)!

Her rolling over happened over night, literally. Saturday and all the days before if she rolled over it was purely accidental. Sunday morning things were different. As if she had been studying how to do her new move--without missing a beat the rolling began and has not stopped!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Uncle B Face Time

Dinner and shopping, what more does a girl want?

Old MacDonald Had a Farm...

And on his farm he had:
an Emu..
a bunch of Pygmie Goats...
a Donkey...
Casper the white Alpaca...
a gigantic pig and two piglets...
chicks and roosters...
tractors and trucks...
bees and ducks..
Daisy the Cow...
and a handful of horses...

Thursday Kaitlyn and I headed to a Ventura County farm with her Uncle Stan and Cousin Natalia to get a dosage of the season's spirit. Pumpkins of all varieties were everywhere and a fabulous open air market greeted us as we walked through the entrance of the farm. Strawberries perfumed the air which was a short lived scent as it quickly changed when we headed to the goats; further ripening with other strong farm smells as we made our way around the grounds!

When was the last time you ever went to a farm just to hang out with the animals, feed them carrots and watch them watch you? I think I had more fun than Kaitlyn, although there is no question she was overwhelmed by all that she saw. After our outing was all said and done the two gals were tanked, frozen in a deep slumber.

Surely Kaitlyn had dreams about conquering the corn maize, running wild with the horses and probably feasting on some heavenly slice of pumpkin pie!