Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos galore.....

Black History Month MOMS Club project...painting peanuts various shades of color, googley eyes and add the quote...a great project!

Don't you just love the smile?

The trio...absorbed in some iPad cartoon-possibly Elmo?

Yes, I got their attention-brief attention!

Cat & the Hat family activity...we all had to make hats! Thanks to a dear friend she brought the supplies for all along with super yummy cat in the hat treats (marshmallow atop an oreo with red & white chocolate)....

The treats...

Truly Backyard pals! Such love!

This is her Cinderella skirt I made a year ago, and the shirt I just finished...added some embellishments and this girl felt like a million, no, trillion bucks. Darling.

Am I crazy or is this a star in the works? Look at that form...

Snails. Roly Poly. Caterpillar. Whatever. These kids love to get in the face of these bugs and basically cart them around like children. Kaitlyn even has names for all of these snails!

Evening walk, Dylan, a superhero fit with his cape, saving snails. Look closely, he's beaming because of his pet snail in his hand...

Same walk-notice the Mermaid rain jacket, the sparkly TOMS, and the favorite scarf with tiara. Suitable for snail rescuing, don't you think?

Eying this roly poly, name: Rockstar Jameron Ship Ship

Disney's TOON Town...basically it adds up like this: 1 season pass, 1 free toddler, 2 paying tickets. Worth every dime-our 'tour guide' Chiara was awesome! The kids were to die for-especially Dylan when he saw Mickey Mouse for the first time during the parade! Priceless...(PS. do you notice that boy's hands..once again, a star in the making).


At the park, it was hot. She borrowed my sunglasses...and posed!

Easter...at church just after service!

The Egg Hunt and wearing Nana's Easter Dress!

Handsome little man, inspecting his finds!