Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reports on Dylan

Tonight he let out enough spit to fill a cup except a cup wasn't near. Nope, only me, down the chest into the bra between the boobs. Nice Dylan. Nice.

His hair is balding pretty badly-nice chunks are missing from the back and both sides.

During belly time his legs go crazy like he is scaling a wall, only he is horizontal and not getting anywhere. Maybe he will be an early crawler.

This child can eat. I feel that I'm still on an every hour type of feeding schedule when he is awake. Which is ok since he is stocking up for his long slumbers. He can sleep for a solid seven hours or more at night! Can someone say 'AWESOME'.

We are emptying his closet to make room for the 6 months or larger attire. I'm not going to get too comfortable with this size as some brands he could use 6-9 months for sure!

He has a Heames butt and not a Patterson one! ha ha ha....

Father Daughter

Kaitlyn looks like a mini girl version of Steve.

Umbrella madness

If you give a child an umbrella, she will want to be out in the rain. When you take the umbrella away, an episode of screaming and floor kicking will occur. Yes, this was Kaitlyn's reaction. Let's just say the umbrella has found a permanent home in the back end of my car where she cannot find least for another year! It's too heavy for her little hands and with her fierce independent streak, it becomes a ticket for frustration.

The sleep drama has come to an end. I crashed the other night after bartering with Kaitlyn to slumber for over 3 and 1/2 hours. Fortunately she did eventually end up falling asleep in her toddler bed, but it was 12:30am. By naptime the next day I had Steve put her crib back and right to sleep she went. This week has really been a bad dream. I don't recommend reacting the way I did for anyone who encounters their child for the first time straddling crib railing. It's not like she is going to get really hurt if she did fall. We have a great carpet and she is quite the adventurous gal. Once she does climb out, falling or not, she'll be ready to do it again and again (assuming we aren't there to intervene and correct the behavior). At that point, when it becomes repetitive, we will bring out the toddler bed and handle it all differently! I'm truly grateful she is back to her old self. I forget how little she really is...only 20 months. Going from a crib to a toddler bed or any different sleep environment can prove to be too much change. Add a younger sibling to the mix and you are really signing up for DRAMA.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Floor or Bed? Which will win?

She was crying, screaming, screeching and hollering 'Mommy'. It wasn't an unfamiliar gig, one that is indicative of a poopy diaper. We had placed Kaitlyn down for quiet time in hopes that she would actually get some shut eye. Typically she plays in her crib for a good hour before the silence of sleep follows. It's a blessed time of day. Occasionally she lets out this cry-scream after playing for sometime which translates into an obvious call for a diaper change as the stench becomes quite alarming. So, yesterday, when I heard the crying, screaming, screeching and hollering 'Mommy', I figured it was for the same drill. I was comfortable with the idea that I'd eventually get up to change her diaper, but by no means was I in a rush...afterall, this quiet time is really my only respite in my day to regroup and quite possibly nap myself. Dylan was in my arms as we approached her room. No diaper smell. I opened the door...
Miss Kaitlyn Marie was stuck straddling her crib railing. As if riding a horse she was arched forward holding on for the ride of her life. She was not scared only stuck. Once I got her she was headed for the door. My tomboy in the works is a real dare devil.
I wasted no time. Last night we converted her crib to a transition bed, the kind that still utilizes the crib mattress. She eventually slept after she explored everything on her dresser. When Steve went in the room to soothe her-as she was clearly distraught-he found the carpet and her covered in baby powder and the hand sanitizer in her hand. Surely if we waited any longer the hand sanitizer would be found as paint upon the wall and quite possibly her dessert.
Naptime today was a new story. When the silence hit I checked on her and found her smack center of her room, fast asleep ontop of a few books and half of a blanket. I picked her up and placed her in her bed hoping that when she does wake up, she feels its comfort. Night two and it's 9:42pm. Kaitlyn was tucked into bed around 9pm and for the past 40 minutes has been haggling me at the gate of her doorway. 'Mommy, I love you,' she hollers out. She distracts herself with books and toys and then hollers out again. When I come to the doorway, she goes right to her bed and crawls in. Not the last time; she went right to her bed but slowly started walking back toward me in her classic mischevious fashion, staring at me every step. I asked her if she was going to sleep on the floor. This stinker promptly buckled her knees and fell to the floor, lying on it as if she was asleep. She is a true comedian.

At this point I have walked away. She's not crying. That's the good sign. My hope is that she will wear herself out and by 10pm the true silence will hit. Only curiosity, will she be in her bed or on the floor?

This and that..

Dylan on a stroll.

Storytime with Great Grandma.

'I want to be just like Chillin Dylan.'

Evidence of first hair cut.

Being a girl...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blow Outs & Sleep

It's working out! The two are happily sleeping under the same fan. Dylan had his first all night slumber-a dream for any mom! He was out by 10pm and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. Kaitlyn is snoozing through all his sounds and cries-a real trooper!

BLOW-OUT update:
By far today was the most dramatic of all blow-out diapers Dylan has pleasantly brought me. We were at a girlfriends having a playdate and I was on the floor holding Dylan when I heard him make his typical #2 sounds. Nice and juicy like usual. Then a warm sensation was felt on my legs...yes, his slimy goop of yellow-green poop had exploded from the diaper, went down his leg, over his socks and not only all over my pants but to the floor! Needless to say I spent the rest of the playdate hanging out in a towel while my pants cycled through the drier. What the heck boy...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holding my breath...

It was an opportunity I had to jump on and so it is with great anxiety I write to document that tonight Dylan moved into Kaitlyn's room. The two are now officially roommates. Dylan was nursing while Kaitlyn and I were talking and reading some books on the floor. He passed out-the kind where his whole body goes limp and other than a few lip smacks, nothing is alive. I still had some laundry to put away in the kids dresser and a book to finish with Kaitlyn, so I gently placed Dylan in his new crib-a gorgeous one, I might add. When I was all finished with my to do list I picked Kaitlyn up and explained that her brother was sleeping in his new crib. With great excitement, legs kicking and all...she gave me a huge smile and brought her finger to her lips and said, 'shhhh'. I figured at that moment that he was going to stay right there and all I needed to do was rearrange the shelf above the crib and set up the camera. Mission accomplished. Kaitlyn went down without a peep and if I can predict the night, my hope is that Dylan will make enough noise for me to get him when he wakes up, but not enough to wake up Kaitlyn. Otherwise I'm signing up for a horrifically LONG night! Thank God Steve is off tomorrow!

On a side note:
-Kaitlyn was reading one of her books tonight and as if trying to identify numbers she was reading (which was not the case as there were no numbers, only the word 'yellow', but all the motions were there....even the finger pointing to the image) she said out loud, 'eight, nine,.....(long pause), ten'. She trips me out.

-An emerging Kaitlyn trend is singing. Let me clarify, she has always sang but in the past month or so she has started singing songs you know. The ABC's were the first and now she is onto singing songs from two albums I play in my car for her (constantly). One is an African lullaby CD and she repeats the sounds and words that she can make out. The other CD is Laurie Berkner band (highly recommend). When I attempt to sing along she yells out, 'No' with a huge grin. This little stinker doesn't want to hear me sing. I don't blame her as I'm not all that...when I get quiet I can hear her whispering the song. It's truly amazing.

-Dylan continues to surprise me with slimy blow-out diapers, the worst being down the leg, up the back and even blown out through the top of the front of the diaper. Love these. Socks get goopy green stuff on it along with everything else. It seems like I just look at the poop and the slimy stuff shows up on me. What can I say. He is a ham, too-just like Kaitlyn. I am seeing a budding gregarious character taking place in Dylan. He may be chillin Dylan, but not for much longer. I imagine he will run the show in no time. He lights up with an enormous smile which instantly melts me and spent this morning in quiet a conversation. He was running at the mouth not letting me get a word in!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in the New Year

Despite the longing for more art in my life, the hunger for more personal time, and the ravenous desire to look like I did when I first met Steve....this New Year is starting off with great gusto! My children keep my days blurred and often filled with maze-like jaunts throughout the home. What happened yesterday stays in yesterday and what happens today stays in today, aka: my memory is very short term! After bringing in the New Year with silly string, wine and fondue, and a brief travel to Arizona, which was filled with day trips and sleepless nights, I embrace what may come my way as each month unfolds. My hopes for this New Year are:
Kaitlyn learns the difference between an inside voice and an outside voice; that she gets potty trained with ease; the transition from 'my' bedroom to 'our' bedroom (Dylan is due to move in this coming week) goes smoothly and that she continues to wear her hats and tutu and finds an enjoyable yet thorough way to brush her teeth!
Dylan doubles his birth weight not at six months of age (as anticipated) but rather anytime after that; his hair falls out like Kaitlyn's did giving us a couple of months to take photos of him with a mullet or mohawk (whichever path the hair loss reveals); that he can enjoy being in Daddy's arms for more than 15 minutes so I can get a longer break; and that his bunking with Kaitlyn doesn't create some havoc in his sleep cycle!
Steve loses his Biggest Loser competition with me but still loses a chunk of the weight he wishes to cast away; his work schedule becomes predictable; he masters the Ben Harper song he keeps practicing and he works through his aroma issue resulting in his ability to still kiss me if I have mint-scented lips or coffee breath.
Me...I successfully dive into my art room and never come out of the creative zone; organize my office files and actually use them; win the Biggest Loser competition between Steve and I; run a 10K and find time for more faith development, child play and journal writing.
We shall see, we shall see what unfolds.
Happy New Year!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Arizona Days (& Nights)

Cousin Colin holding Chillin Dylan with Meg.

Making music with cousin Colin...

Temporary respite before shaking the bell ringers for another song!

Checking out the life beyond the wall of the tennis courts.

Cousin Colin, deep thoughts.

Trying on Mommy's H U G E shoe.

Getting a ride from Colin at the Phoenix Children's Museum.

Sand. Kaitlyn's favorite new texture, especially enjoyed when worn in the hair.

Checking out the sink in the playroom-notice the marble top?
This museum was no joke!

Hey! This place is cool.

Can you get any closer? I'm ready to eat.

JD (8 months) and Kaitlyn watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Smiles everyone!
JD, Kaitlyn & Reigan.

Dylan's Baptism

Dylan was baptized on Sunday the 27th! It was a lovely and intimate celebration at my parents church in Moreno Valley. Fruncle Denis (both, Uncle and Priest) did the sacrament with cousin Chiara and brother Benet present as Dylan's Godparents. As I reflect on this special day I realize I have so much to learn about the gift of baptism. My hope is that as my children continue to grow they can also grow and discover with me what it truly means to be baptized and be a person of faith.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kaitlyn's First Haircut

I'm fully aware that I could have done this haircut thing on my own but how could we pass up the experience. This place was outfitted with all the accessories to make any child want a trim. With great resistance from Steve, I took Kaitlyn for some split-end removal! She was so serious.

Happy New Year! 2010!!!

Could this be more fun? Silly String. Horns. New Year Hats. Tiaras. Toddlers were ruling the roost, screaming in pure glee. It was a party for them. My girlfriend opened her home for a few friends to gather, friends with children, mind you. It was to be a casual gathering with a menu of: pizza, wine, beer, and chocolate fondue. The plan was to bring in the New Year at 9pm for the toddlers before carting their exhausted bodies off to bed! It was a beautiful idea. Kaitlyn was in Heaven-she was all over the place as this home is super kid-friendly. The front living room is the playroom, buckets of toys, blocks and books lined the walls. Toddler sized kitchenettes, chairs and high chairs clustered by the window...the walls were dotted with the children's artwork and learning worksheets (mom used to be a teacher). It's always fun going over to Christina's...but this night was more than fun! When the ticker hit the 9pm midnight, silly string went blasting, horns were honking and screams were screeching!

Then there was Dylan. Remarkable little fellow. He slept the entire time...

Happy New Year everyone. May this year find you rich with happiness!