Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. P90X

Muscle Man. Mr. Six-Pack. Mr. P90X. I'm convinced he is going to be a tank not only because of his hearty size but also because he seems to have front row seats when Steve and I do our daily workout for P90X (yes, we have committed ourselves and successfully completed week 1)! The little guy watches with great intrigue and emulates our move. You can find him in his exersaucer in a jumping motion when we jump or make any swift action!

Dylan, oh Dylan. Having quit nursing cold turkey, it was an awful few days in the bosom department but only because I became temporarily engorged (which, for all you non-nursers and men...I had grown enlarged rocks in my bra that physically ached when brushed against anything). Almost two weeks into this nursing-free regiment and he hasn't gone looking for the boob like I anticipated. He really moved on and with that moving on my husband has moved in, moved into the department of putting kids to sleep. I don't know what it is, Steve has a gift with Dylan that gets this kid to delve into the deepest stage of sleep faster than I can make a bottle! I'm working it, let me tell you-there's really no reason I should put Dylan down now that I know Steve has this new found power (wishful thinking)!

His latest personality note is a gregarious shriek, almost ear numbing but not quite as damaging as what Kaitlyn's used to be. Dylan gets into this groove, especially when he's just been fed. While in his highchair, he starts squealing, legs start kicking and his arms start flapping like a bird. This is all followed by his hearty, deep shriek. The deep shriek makes his legs and arms stiffen, and it's never limited to just one-it's a true symphony of baritones!

Dylan loves Cheerios-so don't waste your money on any generic puff cereal snack, as he will turn up his nose and block any bite with his forearm. Actually, he turns up his nose a great deal. I'm diligent and thus continue to offer him a bite of anything and everything, clearly learning what will fly and what will not upon making a second attempt!

He's no official crawler, but he has developed a strong stylized scoot. Somehow he makes his way across the floor and in an instant, tumbles to his side or back and then just hangs out. He's incredibly fond of walking with support-this would go on for numerous front-door-to-kitchen laps if I'd allow it or if I could physically endure it! He's ready to take off, I can feel his fight for freedom.

Overall Patterson Family highlights:
-Two kids, a dog and an adventure seeking husband is all I can handle right now!
-Kaitlyn likes to narrate her day down to, 'Mom, are you folding laundry?'.
-Dylan is a master of the 4 oz bottle-not sure if he'll ever tackle 8 oz in one setting, it's not his style.
-Kailtyn has begun to sit on the regular toilet seat while barking orders to leave the bathroom so she can have some privacy!
-Dylan is into biting-geez, just like her sister! At least I'm broken in!
-Kaitlyn loves to dance. Did I mention that Kaitlyn loves to dance? Seriously-it's in her blood from both sides, go figure!
-Dylan has held himself up and is obsessed with this toy guitar!

I'm haggard, I'm in need of some sleep. May the children remain in a deep slumber well into the morning hours!

"I need to fly up to the moon..."

Walking away from Target toward the car, it was the mystical part of the evening. The full moon was as vibrant as the setting sun, the air was settled and the casual flow of shoppers shuffled together, creating a harmonic sound that lingered in your ear. This is when I stopped in my tracks. Kaitlyn belted out, 'Mommy, I need to fly up to the moon.'

Mind you, this is after spending an entire 40 minutes with her earlier in the day, walking Cosimo, conversing about her need to fly a plane, need to ride a horse, need to ride in a helicopter like Daddy's, need to ride a boat and her repetitive need to ride a motorcycle. Now I have a daughter who has a need to fly up to the moon. Am I surprised? In all honesty, I almost tripped over my cart, but upon finding stability in both my feet and mind, I would expect nothing less!

I responded to her with an enthusiastic 'that sounds like a great idea for a trip. I wonder what you would need to do to fly to the moon?' We then went on to discuss Astronauts and spaceships and made an agreement that when she does make her trek to the moon she will bring me back a rock.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Celebrating a Tired Spell

Wish there were photos to document this chaos. Here's the scenario:

How long does it take to put Dylan to sleep:
Auntie Jessica, 4 minutes
Nana, 10 minutes
Daddy, 17 minutes
Mommy, all night

I'm the food source so Dylan has found comfort in nesting no further than a quarter inch from my bosom. Folks, this has become an issue. It used to be the ticket to get Dylan to sleep and now has become this addictive force of energy for him. I love hearing about the successes people are having with getting sweet Dylan to sleep-somehow it gives me confidence that the night will be rich with uninterrupted sleep.

No. Wishful thinking. The shop is closing. The pacifier days are over as that's what all this amounts to-I've become a walking pacifier for Dylan. Really it couldn't come at a better time as tonight when stuck on our guest bed with him nuzzling up against me, his first latch was an unintended chomp. The suction was so intense. I'm not interested in becoming an all you can eat buffet with four infant teeth freshly cut! Enough!

On a milestone note we have been enjoying Dylan's expanding vocabulary which now includes 'mamamamama' and 'nananananananana'. Both Mommy and Nana have bragging rights!