Saturday, July 24, 2010

"I need to fly up to the moon..."

Walking away from Target toward the car, it was the mystical part of the evening. The full moon was as vibrant as the setting sun, the air was settled and the casual flow of shoppers shuffled together, creating a harmonic sound that lingered in your ear. This is when I stopped in my tracks. Kaitlyn belted out, 'Mommy, I need to fly up to the moon.'

Mind you, this is after spending an entire 40 minutes with her earlier in the day, walking Cosimo, conversing about her need to fly a plane, need to ride a horse, need to ride in a helicopter like Daddy's, need to ride a boat and her repetitive need to ride a motorcycle. Now I have a daughter who has a need to fly up to the moon. Am I surprised? In all honesty, I almost tripped over my cart, but upon finding stability in both my feet and mind, I would expect nothing less!

I responded to her with an enthusiastic 'that sounds like a great idea for a trip. I wonder what you would need to do to fly to the moon?' We then went on to discuss Astronauts and spaceships and made an agreement that when she does make her trek to the moon she will bring me back a rock.