Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Boy

Facing Forward!
1 year
25.2 pounds
31.5 inches
75th percentile
He's a BIG BOY!


Our masks I made for our Masquerade Ball...

Steve in his Masquerade Ball bliss-yes, he's in a tuxedo. We were on a vacation in Desert Springs for his partnership. What a lovely time away. Kids were with the grandparents, and GRAND they are for having them for two full nights!!!

Trying on one of the masquerade masks we were going to wear for our Ball as a back up plan!

Fall Festival in nearby town...just a darling face!

When Dylan's costume arrived in the mail, Kaitlyn HAD to try it on. Here she is busy with velcro and Dragon dress-up!

Halloween 2010

Hmmm. Daddy sort of looks like Dragon Dylan. Or does Dragon Dylan look like Daddy?

What a shot!

The Slayer Dragon Dylan...he's in there, I promise!

Kaitlyn and cousin Natalia, with Dragon Dylan. The girls held hands THE ENTIRE TIME!


Butterfly Princess Kaitlyn and Fairy Princess Natalia.

Off they go!

Did I mention they held hands the entire time?

Wings of beauty!

Even the dog had, he wasn't with us!