Monday, July 28, 2008

Nana Bliss

Does life get any better for this woman? Nana, my Mother-in-Law, was enjoying a little slice of Heaven yesterday as she had not only these two lovely new grandbabies in her arms, but all five of her grandchildren were around! Natalia, the other baby next to Kaitlyn, is the daughter of Steve's twin, Stan and his wife, Sandra. Natalia was baptized yesterday so festivities were high and Nana was in complete bliss.
Kaitlyn enjoyed her first visit with her cousin Natalia. Natalia was born on February 16th, so the age difference is just a few months. These two I think will be causing the dads some trouble in no time. They are just darling! Kaitlyn found Natalia's toys to be amusing and quite comfortable. The other grandchildren, too, were in bliss as they each were able to get some carrying time with dear Kaitlyn. Talia is the oldest followed by Maya and then Myles. The three of them are Darren's children, Steve's oldest brother. They were out for the weekend from Denver--a wonderful trip for them and for us!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Burning Truth

I'm being honest. I almost burnt our home down yesterday. Here is the recipe for flames:

1. Boil pot of water with four bottle nipples and one pacifier.
2. Make sure it's a small pot of water, afterall you aren't boiling too many items.
3. Get distracted.
4. Get on the phone with a girlfriend.
5. Start nursing your baby.
6. 45 minutes remember what you are doing and tend to the flames, smoke, soot, ... chaos.

This was yesterday. Eventful? Yes. Will I ever do it again? No.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Note from Kaitlyn

I just love dresses! This one was given to me by my mom's really great friend, Jenna. I think she's got style--she knows how to make an 8 week old gal like myself look fantastic! Mommy and Daddy took me to this Hawaiian Luau at Grandma and Grandpa's church. The music was real loud and everyone was dressed up in Hawaiian prints. I felt like I fit in well!
Daddy and Mommy hardly ever take pictures together because usually one of them is holding me and the other is holding the camera. I love that we were able to do a family portrait, even if it is candid and a little blurry.
My Uncle Benet also came along and so I was in his arms a lot. He gave me some 'face time' (as he calls it), we made funny looks at each other all night. Since I like to stick my tongue out he imitated me. Silly Uncle!
Now that I'm 8 weeks old I am eating more at each feeding--in fact sometimes I even try eating my fist! I'm growing out of all the newborn clothes mommy has for me, my eyelashes are almost as long as Daddy's and I sing in the bath! It's so fun to hear my own voice when I splash around. And just this morning I noticed I had great legs. Yes, it sounds funny, but wow! My legs can do so much! I think I was driving Mommy a little crazy because I kept moving them....a lot. I can't help it! I think just lying around is boring. Until next time..... love, Kaitlyn

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Super Nanny

Some families have to hire the British icon to establish order within their households, I simply had a friend visit. Know, this is no ordinary friend. Jess, Jessie, Jessica, Auntie Jessie, MOH (Maid of Honor)...she has numerous names, but one solid character. What started out as a childhood friendship is now celebrated with 25 years of tears, laughter, hope, sorrow, faith and rich sisterhood.
Super Nanny, yes. Auntie Jessie came for a visit not so long ago for an entire week. I felt spoiled and if I could speak for my husband, he probably did, too. She arrived to do nothing but be a nanny. Whatever I needed her to do, wanted her to do, Super Nanny Jess was at my disposal. Now that she has been gone for over two weeks, I find myself missing her assistance. This Super Nanny would have the laundry done before you asked her to bring it down into the laundry room. She not only took on the household chores, she would make us breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even pack Steve a dinner for work. She held great conversation and even when her eyes faded late in the night, she would never say 'No' to an opportunity to hold our sweet Kaitlyn. Cosimo was even spoiled. Auntie Jessie took on Cosimo as another child, running him tired with early morning walks and soothing his jealous nerves with ample sofa cuddling.
Kaitlyn got the best of this gal, she was in constant care of Jessica's loving arms. I thought I was excited to change a soiled diaper until I saw Jessica handle the mess. She would change Kaitlyn's diaper with no hesitation and change them she did. Upon her arrival she had three poopy diapers greet her within the first couple of visiting hours!
To all you families out there, I wish I could tell you that Super Nanny Jess is for hire, but unfortunately that would take her away from me and I think I need to be selfish with this one. She's THAT good! I only hope that those families who do need a nanny can find one as good as the one I had living in my home for a week! It was wonderful.

Grandparent Fun

Monday, July 14, 2008

Just can't get enough!

This little gem loves to be in what I call the 'airborne express' position. She falls asleep when you hold her like this, often with a little drool coming down the side of her check and one of her eyes smashed into your arm. This was taken a few days ago when she was still in recovery from her rash and swollen eyelids-you can see the left eye is quite puffy. Despite any allergy or dermititis, this position works wonders to get this angel to sleep.
But last night..........
a different story. Steve came and brought me Kaitlyn at 1:15am as she was downstairs asleep in her play-yard while Steve was up watching TV. It was time for her early morning nurse fest. So away we went into the nursery to nestle ourselves in the rocker and chow down. My anticipation was that upon reaching satiety, Kaitlyn would go right back down to finish up her dreams. No, not so lucky. Instead she was bug-eyed. She was so awake, I had to force myself to snap into an alert state to ensure I didn't drop her or do something stupid as I was so tired. Three o'clock came and went, followed by four and then five! I did the airborne express multiple times in hopes that she'd find that familiar comfort and take a snooze, but no. Miss Kaitlyn did not want to be rocked, she wanted to rock my morning and be entertained. My luck it will happen again tonight. Guess I better sleep right now, she's out for a mid-day nap...laundry can wait, errands will be postponed until later and dinner? Can't think about it right now. I need to get some zzzzzzzzzs.


How rare is it to stumble upon a weekend when all the Great Aunts and Uncles are in town under one roof? It's extremely rare, but I'm finding that it may become an annual occurance. My aunt and uncle do this Italian dinner every year for the religious education staff from their church. It draws quite a group and rightfully so. The food choices are authentic and in abundance as there are generally over ten courses with the very last course--yes, after coffee, liquours and desserts--another pasta dish. It is one that is for the digestive system! Well, the servers for this grand event have been growing in number each year and are continually fulfilled by the cousins.
This year, by far, drew up the largest family support. All my dad's brothers and sisters were together under one roof for the celebration (with their children to do the work). The night after this grand affair Kaitlyn and I ventured back to my aunt and uncles house in Riverside to spend a few hours in conversation with the clan. When I took some time for respite, these photos were taken. Kaitlyn sure is air born and seems to find herself content in anyone's arms, but especially Grandpa's!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diet Shift

Dear Kaitlyn, one day when you are grown and facing your own decisions about what to eat, possibly you will consider eating like I am right now. Since Monday, I have had to alter my diet as there is a possibility that what I have been eating has been impacting you through the consumption of my breastmilk. Instead of eliminating just dairy, as your doctor suggested, I have also eliminated the following from my diet in hopes that upon re-introducing them, I may identify what has caused your recent rash outbreak & puffy eyes:
All NUTS, including PEANUTS
While it's initially a hard thing to imagine as I love food and have always had a strong love affair with it, eating with new eyes has been quite informative. I've started to really read ingredients, actually learn what some of these strange words are and come from. This diet won't last forever, it's just temporary, but each meal is worth it. I figure I only get one of you and why not learn to eat differently. I'm already losing weight (I think it's from the diet...and my walking).
So, here I am on day five of eating this way and I must say I'm feeling terrific. I've noticed I've been eating smaller portions and discovered my new favorite dessert is a Vanilla Soy Yogurt! Oh it's awesome. I just hope I don't discover you have a soy allergy--that would really be a bummer.
Again, when you are old enough to make your own decisions about what you want to eat, think outside the box and try something vegan or whey free. You may be surprised how tasty it all is....unless you are trying out fake cheese. And, it is just that, FAKE. Don't waste your time!
Many blessings,
Momma Sarah

Friday, July 4, 2008

Lunch with Nana

There are 'Ladies that Lunch' and then there is Kaitlyn who does 'Lunch with Nana!' This is the aftermath of hanging for an afternoon at Nana's house. Surrounded by total luxury at Nana's...sitting atop the magnanimous king bed fully loaded with satin trimmed pillows and tassels. I think Kaitlyn may like this style of decadence...