Thursday, July 17, 2008

Super Nanny

Some families have to hire the British icon to establish order within their households, I simply had a friend visit. Know, this is no ordinary friend. Jess, Jessie, Jessica, Auntie Jessie, MOH (Maid of Honor)...she has numerous names, but one solid character. What started out as a childhood friendship is now celebrated with 25 years of tears, laughter, hope, sorrow, faith and rich sisterhood.
Super Nanny, yes. Auntie Jessie came for a visit not so long ago for an entire week. I felt spoiled and if I could speak for my husband, he probably did, too. She arrived to do nothing but be a nanny. Whatever I needed her to do, wanted her to do, Super Nanny Jess was at my disposal. Now that she has been gone for over two weeks, I find myself missing her assistance. This Super Nanny would have the laundry done before you asked her to bring it down into the laundry room. She not only took on the household chores, she would make us breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even pack Steve a dinner for work. She held great conversation and even when her eyes faded late in the night, she would never say 'No' to an opportunity to hold our sweet Kaitlyn. Cosimo was even spoiled. Auntie Jessie took on Cosimo as another child, running him tired with early morning walks and soothing his jealous nerves with ample sofa cuddling.
Kaitlyn got the best of this gal, she was in constant care of Jessica's loving arms. I thought I was excited to change a soiled diaper until I saw Jessica handle the mess. She would change Kaitlyn's diaper with no hesitation and change them she did. Upon her arrival she had three poopy diapers greet her within the first couple of visiting hours!
To all you families out there, I wish I could tell you that Super Nanny Jess is for hire, but unfortunately that would take her away from me and I think I need to be selfish with this one. She's THAT good! I only hope that those families who do need a nanny can find one as good as the one I had living in my home for a week! It was wonderful.