Friday, April 25, 2008

Ready or Not...

Somedays I find myself consumed by my belly. I look at myself twice when a reflection presents itself, and other days I can hardly face the day after taking the first step out of bed. The feet so swollen, the blood rushing to my toes, the tingling sensation...all indicators that today will be a long day. Then the backaches, lately they have become more annoying as they are coupled with a tight rib cage and excessive baggage (aka, weight).
Facing the last five plus weeks until the anticipated due date of June 2, I am focusing more each day on my ever growing to-do list of necessary 'nesting' tasks. These tasks must be completed prior to the delivery or they will remain on a to-do list for five years, not five more weeks. Life is truly about to change! I realize this frequently throughout each day!
So, onward. The bathrooms calls, the dog needs some loving and the garden is dying unless I get off this sofa and start watering!