Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 Month Update

That's right everyone I'm eight months old and cruising-literally. My mommy keeps putting me on a blanket thinking I'll stay on it but all the other parts of the floor are more exciting to me these days. I seem to do well scooting backwards and rolling, but I have this strong determination (I get it from my Daddy) so I'll be crawling in no time. In fact some days I do a couple of crawling maneuvers!

Because my Mommy is into food she seems to keep me on a regular dining schedule-which is quite fine as I love what she makes. My list now is fairly long so I won't bore you with what I'm eating but I did just try blueberries for the first time and hopefully soon I'll get to try some other meats, I'm getting a little tired of the pureed chicken with sweet potato and apple casserole combo.

Did I tell you that I can fall asleep on my own? I'm learning how to like my crib a little more-I did bite it the other day and it's no carrot, nor is Mommy's arm.

Mommy is teaching me 'no' but I think it's a funny word and since I don't really know what she means it's more fun to giggle at her.

Gotta run, I'm up past my bedtime-the wind keeps waking me up.



I believe Cheerios has the most cereal sales after all it's a timeless food choice from infants to adults to seniors. Kaitlyn has just discovered them.

Other uses for Cheerios:
1. Making edible jewelry for an afternoon snack.
2. Potty training for the boys 'Can you sink the cheerio'?
3. Midnight hunger pains + bowl of Cheerios = Satiation
4. Christmas tree garland

Seeking words of wisdom

Great-Grandma had Kaitlyn enraptured by her stories!

She wears them so well...

Some people belong to the Red Hat Society, attending organized functions to frolic and flirt. Kaitlyn frolics around flirting as she wears hats, Mr. Crinkle and even felt gift bags!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Waltz of the Jelly Fish

It was a dance to see, one that would blow any Dancing With the Stars contestant off the dance floor. Jellyfish. Who would have known? They are the true dancers of the sea. Kaitlyn, Steve and I planned an outing last week to enjoy a trek through the Long Beach Aquarium. While I was mesmerized by these sea creatures, among others like the Weedy Seadragon and Garden Eels, Kaitlyn liked anything that moved. She would lock eyes with many of the brightly colored fish, look intently at the stingrays as if studying their every move and when walking through the Bird Zone she kept her chin up and eyes open to take in all the sounds of their songs and fast paced flights from one perch to the next. By the time we reached that last exhibit she had reached her limits with educational eye candy. It was time for a rest.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Reflections of an era...

I am finally taking a few moments to breathe and intentionally reflect upon our President's call to service. It was just one week ago that I was standing in front of the TV pierced by the unfolding series of historical moments. While I am not versed in history, and make no claims of being a politically-minded individual, I feel a sense of shared freedom, hope and inspiration. Throughout this past week as various TV stations offered perspectives debriefing the inauguration festivities, I found myself looking at Kaitlyn and being overcome with strength and renewal lifting my spirit to seek change.

No matter the critics, those in opposition or those with great doubts, it appears that our President has been given a gift--whatever we want to name it, what this gift delivers is people in conversation. These conversations are unifying strangers through the call to service--whether it's in shared pursuits neighbor to neighbor or mass movements of communities working toward a common goal, from east to west people are getting up and making change-they are seeking to better not only their own life but those of others.

The inauguration falls at the start of a New Year when people already are hungry for change, couple this with the countless people who stopped in their tracks to listen as history was made on January 20th and you have what landed within me: strength and renewal.

As a new mother I was already making a laundry list of New Year resolutions: create a cleaning schedule to include sweeping/mopping and vacuuming 2x a week (wishful thinking); complete laundry start to finish whenever doing a load; make the bed daily; prepare a meal calendar to cut down on waste and grocery spending; read to Kaitlyn everyday; ensure Daddy gets quality face time with Kaitlyn when he is home; work out 5x a week (so far so good); weigh cheese to determine actual serving size (I'm a sucker for this dairy staple); incorporate 'conscience spending' practices; go to bed earlier; and become a true resident of my community.

As I have witnessed the flurry of media around this President, around our recent MLK Holiday, around the significance of living more with less, I am not overwhelmed nor overburdened by this call to action that consumes me. Instead, I am eager to dive into the tomorrow so that I can learn how to best live in order for my daughter to reap the benefits of my actions, attitude and commitment to this life that I have been given and to this life that I share with others.

Will you join me in this spirit of strength and renewal to cultivate the necessary change to shape our new America into the potential that we believe it can be? If not for yourself, then for those that live next door, those that are born today, those that have gone before you and for those that will arrive tomorrow?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Belle of the Bath

The delicate play with falling water makes me feel like time stands still...

She's screaming, and I mean screaming with excitement!

My very focused daughter...I wonder what she is thinking about???

January 14, 2009

It was a beautiful day, almost as if Spring arrived. Blue skies, short sleeves, barefoot...laughter and a sense of ease. Kaitlyn and I spent a great deal of the day in a car but when outside we were with Grandma, Nana and at one point we even had some face time with Great Grandma. My favorite time of the day was when we were trying to find the ocean-we had spent some time in Harbor City at Kaiser for Nana's knee appointments and being so close to the ocean we had to get a glimpse. As we curved around the windy roads that led us through Palos Verdes Estates I began to feel like I was in another part of the state-who knew LA county had such natural beauty. Then it arrived, we came to the top of a hill and were faced with an expansive view of the Pacific. With the sun perfectly perched ahead its rays were kissing the blue waters creating a magnificent glistening shower upon the subtle waves. I wanted to be no where else than where I was. We made our way down the hill and drove parrallel to the water for some time heading back toward the freeway to make it to Long Beach. I haven't seen this type of landscape in some time-or maybe I haven't been mentally available to notice it. Breathtaking really.
Kaitlyn gets the Gold Award for being such a great passenger. With 50's music jamming through the speakers and both Grandma and Nana singing along to the classics the energy was contagious-it was a day you did not want to have end.
Did I mention it was Grandma's birthday? This certainly added to the warmth of being together.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Memory Lane

A few nights ago...7.5 months

7.5 months

3.5 months

2.5 months

1+ month or so....

Shots taken by the iPhoto Booth feature on my MAC--great program!

Playdate with Brody

'Yumm, this must be flavored with cotton candy or blueberries!'

'I want your paci, here, let me just take it out of your mouth...'

'No, Brody, you don't understand. I really want it...'

' that's like it.'

He lives 2.2 miles away, has a smile that mirrors his mothers and is a bulldozer like Kaitlyn! They get along great. Kaitlyn always wants his pacifier, he always wants her. Today was like any other ordinary playdate...two babies on a soft floor surrounded by stimulating objects bursting with colors and sounds. Kaitlyn took a fondness to Brody's Bumbo chair, maybe she was still hungry even after already eating her Chicken-Sweet Potato Pear combo.
Hanging with these two youngsters keeps my spirits high, stress low and energy restful. They are free entertainment and from one moment to the next demand every waking eye!
'Hey Kaitlyn, what perfume are you wearing? Let me get a better closer...'

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Discoveries and Curiosities

She looks frightened in this photo-and I might be too if I were her.
She was cold in the room that we were sleeping in at the
Idllywild cabin that my parents rented for a week-
she slept with the hat on and for kicks I put the leg warmers on her along
with some make-shift mittens--it was a photo opportunity in the making!

I watch Kaitlyn discover her surroundings and see her curiosity burst when new puppets or books come into her view--I see that I am mirroring my own daughter's journey. As a Mother I am discovering new elements of my surroundings...the distance between Kaitlyn and any electrical outlet; the rough texture of kleenex and papertowels when having to wipe snot away; the on-going realization that I am a terrible house cleaner and how once Kaitlyn starts crawling (which will be within the next couple of weeks-for certain) I will have to buckle down and get a cleaning schedule going to at least keep the floor debris to a managable amount; how hard my new coffee table is; that my clothes don't smell fragrant anymore since we have ousted all scented detergents from the homefront since her birth; how three large yams can yield two full ice cube trays of baby food; a KitchenAid is a fabulous appliance; I'm more paranoid than ever about strangers; learning how not answering a phone call or not getting the door is OK....
As for my curiosity's when I watch her. What will be next? Each day is such a gift. Time stands still for me quite often since I have one over the top expressive baby---the priceless moments are in abundance daily. How she responds when she finds herself in a mirror; how she looks at me when she continually drops toys from her high chair to the floor; the morning stretches--her little fingers unfolding to reach the new day and her legs pushing out straight to feel new lengths...; the puckered lip look and when she wears hats or anything on her head for that matter. So, as you can see, it's no wonder I don't get alot done, can't maintain a clean house or keep laundry up to par--my days are filled with moments of time that freeze my ability to do anything but watch Kaitlyn with great admiration, curiosity and awe!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grace of Baptism

Kaitlyn Marie and Truman Abraham received the sacrament of baptism together on Saturday, December 27th at Sacred Heart Catholic Church...words to come-it was a beautiful event!

Box of Fun

This past week Kaitlyn, Steve and I spent some time with my family-including all my brothers and their families-in Idllwyld, California. Upon our arrival, Kaitlyn spotted her cousin Truman's box of fun...while the fun lasted for only a couple of minutes, the amusement captured on her face was priceless!

Menu: Slice of Heaven

My Mother-in-Law was visiting for a while in the earlier part of December through the Christmas holiday as she was in recovery from a total knee replacement surgery! Intense for her, fantastic for us. Kaitlyn was able to spend some quality time with her Nana daily! As part of my caregiving services I was the executive chef of Hotel Patterson's main restaurant---generally I wear the chef hat with ease but with Nana around I have to admit I was quite intimidated. However, on a few occasions I would create a dish that would take her to Heaven and back. On this particular evening I delivered a stuffed pepper to Nana while she was still in a light slumber. Kaitlyn and I went to check on her and found her in Cuisine Heaven!
With Kaitlyn in tote I chop, steam, blend, mix, slice, puree, spin, stir, heat, boil, bake, grill, toast and even roast--possibly this is why Hotel Patterson's restaurant is getting such rave reviews these days!