Thursday, January 8, 2009

Discoveries and Curiosities

She looks frightened in this photo-and I might be too if I were her.
She was cold in the room that we were sleeping in at the
Idllywild cabin that my parents rented for a week-
she slept with the hat on and for kicks I put the leg warmers on her along
with some make-shift mittens--it was a photo opportunity in the making!

I watch Kaitlyn discover her surroundings and see her curiosity burst when new puppets or books come into her view--I see that I am mirroring my own daughter's journey. As a Mother I am discovering new elements of my surroundings...the distance between Kaitlyn and any electrical outlet; the rough texture of kleenex and papertowels when having to wipe snot away; the on-going realization that I am a terrible house cleaner and how once Kaitlyn starts crawling (which will be within the next couple of weeks-for certain) I will have to buckle down and get a cleaning schedule going to at least keep the floor debris to a managable amount; how hard my new coffee table is; that my clothes don't smell fragrant anymore since we have ousted all scented detergents from the homefront since her birth; how three large yams can yield two full ice cube trays of baby food; a KitchenAid is a fabulous appliance; I'm more paranoid than ever about strangers; learning how not answering a phone call or not getting the door is OK....
As for my curiosity's when I watch her. What will be next? Each day is such a gift. Time stands still for me quite often since I have one over the top expressive baby---the priceless moments are in abundance daily. How she responds when she finds herself in a mirror; how she looks at me when she continually drops toys from her high chair to the floor; the morning stretches--her little fingers unfolding to reach the new day and her legs pushing out straight to feel new lengths...; the puckered lip look and when she wears hats or anything on her head for that matter. So, as you can see, it's no wonder I don't get alot done, can't maintain a clean house or keep laundry up to par--my days are filled with moments of time that freeze my ability to do anything but watch Kaitlyn with great admiration, curiosity and awe!