Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Snow Day

Southern California is wacky. One day it's raining, the next it's 77, and even within one day you can use heat in the morning and AC by afternoon. I'm not sure about all this dramatic change within such a short timeframe but I am certain about my love for snow and the outdoors. We were overdue for a visit to the nearby peaks that with the recent showers we've been blessed with I planned a quick afternoon trip for the four of us to throw ourselves into a mound of snow and possibly get a real chill.

The children were beside themselves. Watching them interact with the snow was such fun-Kaitlyn showed real sport, enough to let me know she'll be snowboarding by 5 and Dylan may be following in snowshoes with myself. I truly love being in the snow and dream of the day that I'll have my own snowshoes to allow me the freedom to just jaunt off through vast valley's of freshly fallen snow!

The short trip took a mere 40 minute drive, required no special gear and provided the nature fix I had been craving. A few snowballs were enjoyed and of course, no snow day is complete without a 'Snowy' (Frosty's cousin)!

Sunday, March 20, 2011 more!

Almost four hours ago and the smell remains. I was on the phone with my brother-he a Catholic Priest studying in Rome, so yes, my mind was on him, catching up and not so much on the children. All I can recall was that Kaitlyn darted off to use the restroom in her typical fashion and Dylan followed. I do remember not hearing too many sounds coming from Kaitlyn which should have been my first red flag. Generally she declares, 'I need my privacy, Dylan!' This is followed with a series of nagging statements until I intervene and peel him away from his sister's shadow! Not tonight.

At some point in my conversation with 'Fruncle' Denis I decided to take a peek in the restroom to see if all was going as routine, anticipating a few statements to direct Kaitlyn to pull her panties up and wash her Not this evening. A cloud of tropical peach and mango FeBreeze greeted all my facial orifices and then my eyes met Kaitlyn holding the bottle of spray, clearly caught in the act. How many times did she spray this and where did she spray? Instantly I shifted focus on Dylan-he must had been a target...I couldn't finish my mental accusation as there stood Dylan, both arms, up to his elbows in the toilet bowl playing with Kaitlyn's toilet paper and yes, her poop and pee!

Are you kidding me?

Pee water had been splashed all over the floor. Kaitlyn was standing with her panties and pants around her ankles, the FeBreeze bottle in hand with fingers still wrapped around the nozzle, repeating, with great confidence, 'it was smelly in here Mommy, smelly!' As if I care right now, little girl! Still on the phone with my brother who was now put into a laughing hysteria, I managed to get both kids out of the restroom. It was a situation. A real situation.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Adventures of Bella and Aspiga...

Holding onto one of the two mermaids!

Up close, Aspiga...she was the source of great entertainment this evening over dinner!

Two mermaids. One girl's wild imagination!

Acquired as a gift for being such a great student at Kaitlyn's first music class today, Dylan and Kaitlyn left Hi-Line Music with two plastic mermaids. Sure. They could have taken a deck of cards, Kazoo, bouncing ball, or even a mini yoyo. Nope. The mermaids were eye candy for Kaitlyn and Dylan always wanting what his sister wants, found a mermaid, too!

On the way home Kaitlyn began narrating the mermaids present life. At one point I overheard her voicing for each mermaid, "I'm MAD." "No, I'm MAD." Yes, both mermaids were mad with each other! By dinnertime, Dylan had really forgotten about these plastic creatures and thus Kaitlyn became engrossed in her mermaid tales. When Steve asked her what their names were, Kaitlyn responded with, "I will ask her."

"What's your name?" Pause.
To Steve, Kaitlyn stated, "Spella," holding up the purple mermaid. Wow! We both were taken aback by her clarity of name. And then Steve inquired about the second mermaid name. After a quick banter of clarification, Kaitlyn stated, "Aspiga," holding up the blue mermaid.

Aspiga? Are you kidding me? This girl's imagination is ON FIRE. Spella morphed into Bella by the time dinner was over-but at no time did Aspiga ever change or simply be laid to rest. These two mermaids were carried around the house, had a splash in the bath and are currently nestled around Kaitlyn someplace in her heaping mound of blankets upon her bed. Everyone, Kaitlyn, Bella and Aspiga are in a deep slumber. I suppose no one is MAD now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Happened?

I will spare the photo. Getting into pajamas this evening inspired this note. I'm wearing a blue and white striped tee with pink and black pajama bottoms; to keep me extra warm, I finished my look by adding an army green sweater. Wow. This screams Hot Mama Alert! Watch out Steve....I'm just tantalizing right now, can't you tell!

C O M F O R T.

STOP! Halt! NOW!!!! This is what happens. You see it everywhere, you hear about it...the Mother Frump.

I understand this reality. I understand how it creeps into your daily life, first with the leisure pants (you know those elastic waisted forever forgiving velour pants), then the baggy lifeless shirts and overnight it's like you stop wearing make-up, accessories and daily have hair in a ponytail as you are lucky if you get a quality shower once in a three day span. It's a sad moment right now as I realize I've mastered the look and the lifestyle.

Ugggh. Sigh.

Can this awareness be enough to snap me out of it? I used to be fashionable, sassy and memorable with my selected wardrobe pieces. Now I'm hanging out with a lumpy muffin top adorned with stretch marks, stringy highlighted hair in need of a serious root job, and sorry folks, boobs that are not only smaller than I ever had before, but way more saggy. Wow. I said it.

Hello Beauty. You in Here? I need to rekindle our friendship. It's been a while since I let you out...
Yours truly,
Overly tired, out of trend mother of two toddlers under the age of three!