Monday, December 17, 2012

San Diego Reunion

The cousins reunited after a year of continental separation! We were so eager to see Uncle Jeff, Auntie Cupcake (Steph), cousins Truman and Griffin that we decided today would be the perfect opportunity! While Griffin didn't make any of my photos...he wasn't far off from these candid shots! What a blast everyone had...especially at the Coronado beach!


Tree hunt...

It really was the perfect outing! A couple of weeks back the kids and I had a sleep over at the Grandparents which was followed with a Christmas Tree adventure. It was a festive morning for everyone and a very successful stop! 

This season, by far, has been the most entertaining for the kids-they both are engaged in all the bells and whistles from Christ centered songs to Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer. It's a JOLLY time over here at the Patterson abode!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Soccer Mom

I'm certain this will cause some talk. We just made our official reservation for the Tesla Model X. I'm excited. I will be the proud owner of this gem in 2014. Nothing out there quite like it. Mountains? Beach? City? Desert? You name it, I'm driving!


'Do they have hot dogs?' Dylan shouted this out after a solid walkabout among the classroom tables perusing the individually served Thanksgiving meals. No, no hot dogs for this little man which translated to no food. He is in a rut with cuisine selection or maybe I'm the one in a rut. Right now his interests lie in all things white, negative nutrient snacks and meat. Maybe an occasional berry, apple or swig of milk. He's a solid carnivore and squirms with all things green, resists other funky colors like the vibrant orange of a persimmon or the deep reds of a pomegranate. Seriously? It pains me. If I'd allow for it, he'd feast upon cheerios, pancakes and granola bars ALL DAY LONG. Don't get me wrong, he gets his share of the above mentioned favorites, but the deceptive mother in me shows up now more often than not trying to whisk a little extra nutritional love down his throat! I've found that if I rotate the added bang, he won't strike, so the following are my must-haves:

1. Ground Flax Meal-great on anything including salads, muffins, pancakes and panko bread crumbs for homemade chicken nuggets!

2. Green Goddess Juice. I know, juice-it's a curse. I figure since he hardly eats anything green and for some off beat reason he will enjoy a few swigs of this horrifying pulpy mess of a drink, I keep it handy.  Don't think it's a daily indulgence now...he goes back and forth on his Green Goddess strike.

3. Quesadillas. He loves these. With milk being a temperamental interest based upon the mood of the moment, I find great contentment with my attempt to boost his calcium intake even if it means quesadillas every day!

4. Apple Chicken Sausage. Yes, those yummy ones from Costco. He could live off of these. When feeling at a loss for what to cook, I can always count on this sausage to yield a satiated child!

5. Probiotics. I'm starting to add them to his water. I can't imagine what good bacteria could be thriving in his nutrient depleted gut that a few million healthy strains of goodness can't hurt, right?

6. Pureed squash for the pasta sauce! I can't go wrong with this technique!

Now Kaitlyn is the poster child for health in our family right now. Just the other night at Chick-Fil-A she ordered the bowl of chicken noodle soup over the french fries and chicken nuggets as it's now her 'favorite' and it's 'healthy'! She is quick to point out all the colors on a plate being sure to note that she is being healthy and of course quick to point out unhealthy behaviors, the man smoking as we walked by. Yes, that would be my four year old daughter scolding your smoke break! She will eat the salad on her plate first and always snoop on your plate for the off chance you may be eating something different than her and possibly hook her up with a bite!

Needless to say, both children eat. They are not failing in the weight department as both are above the 75th percentile...

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Preschool photo...Fall 2012! 
These two are way too ADORABLE!!!

Photos! Photos! Photos!

As from late!

Trip to AZ, Dylan's 3rd birthday party & Halloween!


 Apple picking...such a blast! 

Dylan's Party...
 Web slinging fun...silly string webs to shoot down the villain!!!

 "I want a spider web cake mom."

 The obstacle course for improve the spidey senses!

 Presents for Spiderman!

Dance party, birthday party after-hours!

 Halloween...Spiderman 1 and Spiderman 2 (Build A Bear Workshop, thanks to the Hodgkinson Clan).

 Papa and Grandma stopped over to handle out candy while the kids romped around the neighborhood!

 The final stop....with a full bag!

Papa and his many looks!
The Entertainer of the Year...Papa!

 Pumpkin Carving....

"It's so slimy!"

Build a Bear Workshop H I T!
This bear left in Dylan's arms with three outfits:
Raider's Football 
Scuba Diver

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's a continual game of Copy Kat around here. Either Dylan or Kaitlyn gets the other started and then it's over, a freight train of banter between the two rules the house. The volume escalates and then it's over, just like that. At least for a short while until the other starts in again. I call the copier 'Parrot'. Really, my nickname just fuels the fire!

Where to begin, once again I'm sitting her pondering the joys from this past month as it's been another 30 plus days since I last wrote. So much changes in a few short weeks that the trends from today were certainly not anticipated two weeks ago!  The kids and I took Grandma to Arizona for a stint with Auntie Jessie-a glorious time to be in Arizona. Swimming, park play, walks with the dogs and hands on hanging out with desert tortoises: Godzilla (the Big Daddy); two mothers and about seven babies (each no more than three inches in length). Auntie Jessie was prepared for our visit-a stocked toy cabinet, books on DVD and fun treats. She never ceases to amaze me!

Then it was Papa's 70th birthday. This was quite an endeavor. Grandma had him in a skeleton costume, invited over a houseful of saints while the brothers et all were the servers, grill master (Steve), MC (Darin & Scott), bartender (Benet) and even the witness supporter (Denis via iPad). It was a festive evening rich with extra hands (my favorite was Kimberly, Scott's girl, who brought her own rubber gloves to assist with the that's thoughtfulness)! As usual Heames fashion, the house was packed, the stories were great and the party was rocking! The kids and I headed back over the next day for a nice family brunch among the great Aunt's & great Uncles. Kaitlyn wore her tutu and went into a reenactment of my all too famous blue tutu wearing days of Italy! She is truly my daughter...this I know!

Last week Steve and I headed to San Fran while the kids were under the care of Nana. Lord bless her for the work she did while we were away. The children were brought to school each day, on time, and without skipping a beat, all their afternoon commitments were upheld! I'm sure they were given yummy homecooked meals, daily, as all the food I had for their lunches and general dining were still here when I returned! Go our surprise, she took Dylan to the Barber and ordered him a darling haircut! He's like a little man now, ready for the military since the hair is really super short with curls on top. I know Steve wasn't thrilled, and for me...I just wish I was there. I can visualize Dylan at an old school Barber, feeling grown up, not moving at all, frozen in both curiosity and amusement! He just walks around the house with his hands on his head, stopping periodically to say, 'I like it, Mommy, I like my haircut'! It's really precious!

Miss Sassy Kaitlyn is growing up so quickly! She's much more receptive to instruction and lessons these days, I'm so pleased! I also find myself, especially when lying next to her scratching her back at night, so in love! I'm in awe over the fact that this little child is a part of me...she is my family. It's remarkable. Probably for the past two months I've been overcome by these feelings toward both the kids. I often heard prior to giving birth to Kaitlyn, 'Oh you'll be so in love with your children, it's such an amazing feeling.' Well, it took me a good few weeks to feel a connection with Kaitlyn-partly due to her being in the NICU and then partly due to the struggles with breastfeeding, lack of sleep and the overall shock of the physical toll childbearing has on you. Then one morning the feeling of love was different and I truly felt connected to this little innocent being. Well...what I feel lately is of greater depth. I really thought I was at the cap of my love, only needing to sustain it for forever...but recently I found out that our capacity to love can only further grow!

With that...key highlights:

Dylan is now 3 years old! His big day was celebrated by the Hodgkinson's with a grand trip to Build A Bear Workshop. He took on a silver bear that roars, has ears that light up and was outfitted with three full costumes: Raiders Football Player (including a helmet), a Scuba Diver and Spiderman! Such fun-he carries this bear almost everywhere and changes it's clothes as often as Kaitlyn changes her mind! His actual party is on this Saturday...Spiderman! Should be an absolute blast!

Dylan talks like a big boy mainly due to his greatest teacher being that of Kaitlyn. We all know she talks like she's 13-a real eloquent young girl! He's no quiet one either. This deep voice of his can be heard from all rooms of the house. He has a presence and with the right direction, we really hope it can be a great benefit for any team sport!

Kaitlyn declared the other day that she will not be a football player, but rather a cheerleader.

Kaitlyn is in a dance class that happens at her school on Thursdays...this little girl is in Heaven. She has tap and ballet shoes that she'll just put on for no reason other than to pretend dancing. She goes over her dance moves repeatedly, often showcasing them to Steve or myself. It's really been fun to witness this excitement within her toward dance! Go Miss Amanda (her teacher) for having such a great influence upon her!

Kaitlyn also knows every lyric and title to each song that comes on the sirius Kids Place Live station. I listen to it as often as she and still don't know lyrics let alone song titles. Genius. Definitely Steve's daughter.

Dylan continues to be a typical boy: holding his penis all the time. Did I mention he holds his penis constantly? Really, his new thing is to walk around holding onto his penis. Heck, it's so often Auntie Jessie called him 'Tug' while we traveled. On a serious note, he's rock solid with his meat eating abilities, his independence is becoming as fierce as Kaitlyn's and he's not phased by sweets. Amazing how young children are when concrete personality traits are recognizable!

Enjoy the pics:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changing of the season...

It's been two full months and I've not written a word, hoarding all child moments for my own memory, preventing anyone from relishing in the full joy that I've been experiencing of late. Summer has come to a close for us as now both Kaitlyn and Dylan are in their third week at school. Together they tackle four days, Tuesday thru Friday at the local Montessori Academy-a place I have yet to fully know since the last two years we were at another Montessori over 15 miles away. Now the eight minute commute is a welcomed reality, I feel like I have earned it!

Leading up to school, I had the kids full time at home from end of June, all of July and August. During this time we experienced some solid fun, solid lessons and solid love. I am proud to report that my little Kaitlyn has grown up tremendously -so much so-that Grandma mentioned her improvement during their recent overnight. Kaitlyn now preoccupies herself with activities that require deep concentration. Or, maybe more accurately, she falls into a deep concentration when engaged with various activities, most requested being any type of craft. Beyond the artsy world she possesses an obvious hunger for mastering tasks and is on a quest to further her repertoire of knowledge. She's down right curious, often asking questions that I find challenging to answer. Sometimes I fib and refer her questions to Steve knowing that my walking-encyclopedia-husband will have a quick answer appropriate for her thirsty mind! I've heard that people relearn life when they have children and now I get how this happens. My retention of just about anything is slim to none so children are challenging me with my own life pursuits, historical facts and then the basic life questions that one would assume any human would have an answer for! Well....I don't always!

Dylan is a force to be reckoned with. He's a superhero trapped in a 2 year old body. Seriously, he's in fantasty world often. He'll step into this stance, hands on his hips, stern look upon his face and then he'll say, "I'm Spiderman." It's a full character experience! My favorite is when he wears his homemade Batman face mask, constructed out of yellow and black construction paper, pseudo laminated by way of clear tape and stretch string to keep it on his face! This kid is drenched in costume, imagination and the memorable DEEP DYLAN voice. Where did the latter come from? He is a rock solid little bugger, and then he opens his mouth, talks and people stop to listen. He commands attention with this voice alone, but with is mask of the day and superhero energy, he's just a fun show!

Dylan continues to pest his sister and she, him...but the coolest experience is how they feed off one another. I suppose this has been blossoming for some time but as of late their make believe sessions revolve around playing house-surely dictated by big sister Kaitlyn. Nonetheless, Dylan plays the role of Daddy or Baby. Kaitlyn remains true to her own character, but under the pretend play of Mommy.  Yes, she's bossy-as am I.

Speaking of bossy, Kaitlyn likes to control how a situation should unfold. She will arrange the scene for you, then tell YOU what to do and say, play by play. This is not always met with a degree of welcomed involvement, and that generally leads to a minor meltdown. She is particular. This I would attribute to Steve. really can see your own self in their development.

We are back on the church track, giving our go with the local Catholic Church in a neighboring town. First week my idea to go was met with, "I don't like God." Hmm. Really? Second week was met with, "I love going to church. Just like cousin. We get to learn about God. God created everything, even me and you Mom....and Dylan and Daddy." She's hilarious. Dylan doesn't really know any better and quite frankly I can't wait until he's 3 so he can attend the child's program that is offered during mass...he's just a rambunctious boy that finds fun anywhere else but near me when forced to stay somewhat calm and contained. Lord help me! I figure the routine of it all will pay off in the long run and eventually the two of them will possess that reverence and understanding one can gain through going.

This morning Kaitlyn was putting on winter tights adorned with varying snowflake designs, her sunburst yellow skirt and topped with a long sleeve patterned green and peach springtime motif. I told her in my most affirming voice-you know she's soooo independent that of course she feels super great for dressing her own self-, "You know Kaitlyn while I love the tights and this new shirt, ...what you have on today does not match." She stood, astonished by what I said, momentarily computing her thoughts, then burst out with, "Mommy, I'm a rockstar today." Ok, I give up! Like I said, independent little one.

Before know a litany of photos will come soon. The kids enjoyed a couple of days at the beach in our relative's beach condo, a day at LegoLand, a handful of birthday parties and their first RV style camping trip. We ran around this town from park to park, attempted bike rides and train rides, ate yummy afternoon treats and cooled off multiple times in our blow up swimming pool. Summertime was embraced fully around here. Team Patterson now moves onto Autumn...what lies ahead: dance class and Spanish for Kaitlyn, soccer for Dylan, and Gymnastics for both! I'm tired just thinking about it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Our newest friends...we met this family at swim. Naomi and Jordan are twins, both turned 3 recently. Kaitlyn was in class with Naomi and Jordan with Dylan. The color of our children united us...Shay, their mother, is black and married to a white man. I love how color can unite!

PS. Thanks Nana for the backpacks. Despite their not being in school, they do get used!