Sunday, September 26, 2010

On a mission...

One day I wake up and my son is walking, my daughter is reading and my hair is more gray. Dylan began launching off into new horizons this past weekend, taking his first set of consecutive steps in the kids bedroom. He is so proud of himself when he walks that his head is held high, his tongue sticks out and his eyes hunt to lock with yours so he can relish in his feat!

Eight teeth with new ones on the way fill Dylan's mouth and help explain how he can maintain his hard-core carnivore diet. This kid is no joke-if it's meat he is on board for seconds and could easily have a third round. I have to get creative with his other foods as lately he has shown a dis-interest in pasta, yogurt, avocado and broccoli is out of the question. However, he has gained a preference for bananas which I never would have anticipated as he was revolting against them when younger! Suffice it to say, he's a big boy and despite any food dis-interests, his physique is not hurting. This boy is going to be a hearty hunk of love!

Kaitlyn drinks books. When I see her absorbed in a page I see a five year old Steve. Apparently he was reading encyclopedias when he was five and if this evening is any indicator, I predict Kaitlyn will be as well. She was animately choosing my books over her stack of eight library books for reading pleasure. As she turned each page she sat engaged with the words, pausing momentarily before turning to the next page. You can imagine this little girl, sitting upright with a 250 plus page book in her lap, all text, no images and her eyes glued, temporarily lost in her imagination with the details of some thriller!

The terrible two's have arrived and between managing aggressive love by Kaitlyn aimed at Dylan (and other friends), I'm in a constant 'No....No...' banter with her. It's an awful feeling to be constantly telling your child 'No.' I must stay intentional and not reactionary as things can escalate and get ugly fairly quickly-she's a little trouble maker. Pushing and shoving is becoming a household norm. Kaitlyn will walk up to you and just shove you in the chest. Where on earth did this behavior manifest itself in my daughter's ambitions? I can only rationalize that it's a post-biting thing that she will eventually grow out of (and, fortunately according to a book I'm reading-apparently, as well as Kaitlyn-these aggressive behaviors often spike around 27-30 months. Oh joy. Lucky me!).

Another noteworthy trend to mention is Kaitlyn's success with potty training...AT SCHOOL ONLY! Once back at home, a diaper must go on this little girl as she finds some way to do her duty not in the potty but elsewhere, most recently, on the dining room table. What? I was appalled when I heard this one. She apparently climbed up on the table to reach some flowers-total innocent curiosity here...and then did her number. Furious? Yes. This afternoon I found her passed out on her floor in her bedroom, no diaper, wet carpet, princess dress soaked. Oh lovely. It never ends. The hard part about this is that Kaitlyn knows all the answers when asked 'Where do we go pee-pee/poo-poo?' She totally gets it, but out of some other agenda, her gig when at home is to go on potty strike....unless, of course, I'm putting her to bed. The potty then becomes her best friend, often wanting to visit after we've been tucked under the covers. I know it will get better but for now I'm taking a short sabbatical from the potty training world.

Dylan has developed this grasp, or shall I say he has fine-tuned his grasp. It's intense. It hurts. It leaves marks. His stubborn streak arrives and watch out, if you are in the way, his arm will show you the door. Scoot on over! Dylan is on a mission. A few more random facts about the boy....he loves cords, ribbon and strings; he will melt down when at the fridge-if he is at your feet, it's as if all things in the fridge are eye-candy so shutting the door makes him upset; he is a little investigator-I find him analyzing things like the drawer of the dishwasher or the cabinet hinge; he is a cuddler at naptime and bedtime, often nuzzling right up to your neck and within in minutes, passed out!

I'm by no means haggard like I was a couple months back, but I am continually tired and in need of a mid-day rest where I can find energy to sustain myself through the evening to get the kids fed and in a deep slumber. Motherhood is never ending. With two children I feel overwhelmed at times by the magnitude of daily needs, and then some days it's like a dance. Once you learn the moves you know how to make your way through your day...Unfortunately not everyday is a smooth, wooden dance floor. I often have huge boulders in the way!

Let's talk gray hair. I'm in a funk-having the worse hair of my life right now that I am tempted to cut it all off and go pixie for a would be S O O O O O easy! But, Steve might want to leave me then...just kidding! It wouldn't be his favorite choice, let's put it that way!

Enough with the random thoughts and updates, in essence, these kids are on a mission...

Dylan to continue exploring through his new found love of walking and Kaitlyn, to read through all of mommy's books and then teach her what was in them! Now that's a great idea...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Headlines in a sentence...

The cutest boy in America.

Ok, the two cutest boys in American, Dylan with cousin Truman.

I love that I can say he is my son!

Kaitlyn giving Truman one of her famous headlock hugs!

Dylan has always kissed Auntie Cupcake-it's so endearing!

Dylan and me!

Park Date! In San Diego visiting cousin Truman, Auntie Cupcake and Uncle Jeff...

Cousin Truman laughing at Kaitlyn's response when she sipped carbonated water for the first time!

The tickle of the carbonation!

Dylan learned how to clap today.
Kaitlyn loves playdough and painting.
Dylan only wants to be on his feet...but he's not walking quite yet.
Kaitlyn would rather skip baths all together.
Dylan will be a diver, beginning with a career in bath diving. He's always looking for an excuse to take a bath.
Kaitlyn hasn't taken a bite out of anyone from preschool in over 6 weeks.
Dylan is a solid 22 pounds.
Kaitlyn's appetite at breakfast is next to nothing.
Dylan has found his voice and it's deep....I don't think puberty will be an issue for him.
Kaitlyn is into this phase of 'Don't touch my body'....and she means it!
Dylan can sleep through any noise Kaitlyn makes during afternoon naptime (thank God) and Kaitlyn generally sleeps through any noise Dylan makes during the night!
Dylan loves watermelon, kiwi, freeze-dried banana chips but still not a fresh banana.
Kaitlyn gives head lock hugs.
Dylan has a grip that makes Cosimo bark (when he grabs his ears) and Kaitlyn bald (her hair comes out in chunks if his hands get ahold of her curls).
Kaitlyn thinks band-aids cure everything!
Both kids drive me nuts.
Both kids fill my heart with tremendous amounts of love.
Both kids keep me tired, but ready for anything!
Both kids add to my laugh lines.