Thursday, August 28, 2008

Three Months Old...

Little Miss Kaitlyn turned three months old today! I sat in awe thinking about how much she has grown and how her personality has blossomed. She is such a precious angel with a joyful presence. Steve and I are truly blessed.
Today she celebrated her age with her favorite friend Brody! It was a fun filled day of hanging out, laughing together, eating together and for the first time, driving together! Both babies were in the rear of the car while Laura, Brody's mom, was in the front with me. We were laughing so hard at our babies as one would begin to cry, then the other would cry ultimately leading into a vocal match of 'who can hear me the most...' It was a riot. At one point they were just talking with each other as if finishing the other's sentence. My favorite was when they began to harmonize as a baby singing session evolved out of the crying.
It wasn't until right before Brody was going to leave that Laura and I decided to place the two little ones in the Pack and Play together. We stood looking at them laughing uncontrollably. Both of them were making screeching sounds and giggling just for the sake of hearing themselves talk. One would giggle and then the other would giggle, all the while their little limbs lifting high to grab onto the colorful toys dangling above. My favorite moment all day, however, was when they began to hold onto each other's hands. True friendship.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Milestone Mania

Sweet Kaitlyn has embrace a week of milestones. I think it may be due to her approaching three month birthday, she is secretly trying to let us parents know she is GROWING UP! This photo illustrates one of the many milestones...her holding her own pacifier. The story goes as follows:
Dad is on baby patrol.
Dad gives Kaitlyn pacifier.
Pacifier falls out of Kaitlyn's mouth.
MILESTONE: Kaitlyn grabs pacifier and places it back in her mouth--this photo is how she was holding the pacifier.

Kaitlyn has developed her pinching skills! Her ability to use her thumb and index finger to grab items--yes, she's advanced! May I also point out that she likes to pinch my boob when breastfeeding...her pinching is nothing light, she has muscles, don't be fooled!

Another milestone, she slept for an eight hour stint! Sleeping for six hours in a row is becoming her normal routine, but an eight hour stint...that is a MILESTONE.

And yet, another milestone: Nana babysat Kaitlyn so that Steve and I could go out for a five hour celebration. This was a tough one for me, but a MILESTONE, none the less. I just wasn't ready to leave Kaitlyn for that period of time, but I pumped enough milk and knew she'd probably sleep for most of the time since they were five evening hours! She was fussy as we were leaving and I just kept my head high, walked straight out the door and knew she'd be fine. Were we going to be fine?? Within seconds of driving down the street a car went through a stop sign and just about hit us. My heart, gut, legs, everything went limp and tingly. Thank God we were fine, but it sure reinforced the achy feeling of knowing Kaitlyn wasn't with me.
As a breastfeeding mother, I must comment on how strange it is to be away from your baby and feel your boobs go through a series of let-downs (where the milk is being released in the ducts and literally 'letting down' the ducts to your nipples). Thank goodness for breast pads and/or thick bras or last night when away from Kaitlyn, I would have had two round wet marks across my chest. How embarrassing would that be? Not only for me, but for Steve as the celebration was his 20 year high school reunion--I could have really started some funny gossip.

Finally, she is asleep in her own crib. Now that's a MILESTONE worth noting! This started at naptime on Friday and tonight is her first overnight trip in her sweet nursery where trees are white, birds chirp and there is always a place to imagine! This means that Steve and I will now be getting accustomed to sleeping next to a baby monitor instead of the actual baby. Not sure I'm going to sleep too well tonight, but I'm up for the adventure.

There you have it folks. Kaitlyn Marie--a true pioneer... she is setting new trends and standards, not too mention, setting on foot more often than not. We think she'll bypass crawling and go straight for the walking!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympic Category: Sun Bathing

It was a day to cherish...both dads hanging with their babes! How many women are married to a twin, an identical twin at that? I felt like I should have left as Steve and his brother Stan were merrily being on Daddy patrol with their girls as they swam away in the lovely pool. This was Kaitlyn's first adventure in the big water and also her first shot at wearing a bikini (six months too big for her). Natalia, her cousin, was an old pro at the sport and a great teacher to get Kaitlyn up to speed!
While I don't feel a swimsuit is flattering on my soft figure at this point in time it sure was refreshing to be in the pool--and to be honest, once I had Kaitlyn in my arms, it didn't matter what I looked like. She was happy, I was happy and so was everyone else!
I have to thank my girlfriend who picked up this swimsuit as it not only matches Kaitlyn's nursery (everything is green and pink), it was absolutely the most darling swim gear. It also came with flip flops and a green terry cloth cover-up--which she did wear once she got out of the water. I wanted one in my size!
Splash on little one!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Tummy Time

Kaitlyn's friend, Brody, is only three weeks older--but age doesn't stop her. She already has eyes for him! His mommy, Laura, is becoming a dear friend of mine. We do morning coffee runs for each other and then meet up to just chat the day away and watch our little babies coo. I met Laura at the dog park back in January when we both were still pregnant. After a solid 30 minutes of chit chat we left the park and never exchanged numbers. It wasn't until mid April that I ran into her again, this time at the Hospital for an infant care class. Unreal. Meant to be. Having another mom in the neighborhood to swap stories with has been a real blessing! Her son is a future football player--in case you were curious!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Side Profiles

Words aren't necessary!

Pieces of Art

I finally have finished the art projects I was working on for Kaitlyn's nursery. While the room is only steps away from being complete, these projects were well over due: two framed words of inspiration (made with potato stamps--loads of fun) and a wooded name plate. The name plate was inspired by one that my Aunt Collette did for me when I was a baby. Of course hers was way more elaborate and all painted lettering...this one I did for Kaitlyn was my own rendition.

Visitors from New Orleans...

Great Aunt Rose and Great Uncle Ferdinand
Kaitlyn and I, Ferdinand Jr. and Kim
Errol with his mother and father.
Kim with Sarah and of course Cosimo!

Candid Family

This past Sunday our home was graced with a few visitors from New Orleans...Sarah's brother (my Mother-in-Law), Ferdinand, his wife Rose, their two sons, Ferdinand Jr. and Errol, and Errol's girlfriend, Kim. During their visit, Ferdinand Jr. took this snap shot of our crew. Cosimo was on such good behavior! These relatives are Kaitlyn's Great Uncle/Great Aunt and cousins! While I did not get a great deal of time to visit with them, the few interactions with each of them will be cherished as we don't get to cross paths with this part of the family often enough. In fact the last time Steve saw any of them was when he was in high, let me think, how long ago was that? If I recall, he has his 20 year reunion coming do the math!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


There's not much more this little one should need beyond milk and TV. I have such fun staging her with props, even if the photos don't turn out, the process of placing her inbetween silly items to create a statement generates enough afternoon glee for me!

Just today I was given the best compliment. Kaitlyn was passed out in her sling while shopping at Michaels--a customer came up to us and said, 'Your little girl looks like those babies that are placed in those flower pots' (referring to Anne Geddes work). My heart skipped and my face lit up with joy. That is my girl--she is quite adorable and people notice that I think, at times, they will trip over their own feet due to their ahhhing and oooohhing over her! It's comical.

Today Kaitlyn is 10 weeks old and ready to bypass crawling and aim straight for walking! She's grown so much that her muscles are working favorably and she finds herself more interested in sitting up than lying down. Place her on her tummy and she takes off, kicking and grunting, trying so hard to move...and move she does. She has already flipped herself over her boppy pillow twice (once which landed her face down and legs kicking freely in the air followed by intense screaming--I was just as shocked as her).

Her latest and greatest discovery is her fist. Yes folks, the fist must be covered in chocolate or some sugary syrup as this little girl has an appetite for fingers, knuckles and the whole fist. She can't get enough. While I've tried distracting her with pacifiers and toys, nothing is as good as her fist. This causes a great deal of drool as you can imagine resulting in officially starting the bib wearing days!

Her curls are delightful and continue to grow framing her face and her eyes...well, you've already seen those eyes. Can they get any bigger? Probably! We've discovered sleeping longer is something I really enjoy. She's now managing a consistent four hour interval sleep time sometimes venturing into five hours. A new developing trend, Kaitlyn driven, is to begin a slumber around the 9pm hour. This was unheard of just a week ago. She must be discovering the importance of beauty rest...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

MAC Madness

Could this really be happening?
Kaitlyn is demonstrating some of her fancy finger work on our MAC. I don't think she's satisfied with her project, but daddy is certainly in shock by her brilliance at such a young age!

Time Goes On...

What big eyes you have Kaitlyn!
'The better to see you with Mommy'
Hours can pass by and all I've done productive is stimulate my baby's learning. Some days laundry piles up, dishes get stacked and dinner is beyond late but Kaitlyn continues to laugh, coo and expand her vocabulary. She doesn't know the house she lives in gets messy, needs mopping and dusting. Nope, she's just happy as a clam perched upon her boppy pillow looking right back at me. Actually she's probably laughing back at me for if any hidden camera showed up in this house I'm sure we would win some money with the footage. I am determined to not become one of those frumpy moms but some days it can take me a while to transform my slumber attire into a presentable daytime appeal. It is when I'm still in that slumber attire and my hair is disheveled, spit up is on my shirt and most likely I'm not matching, that the video footage of me cooing back at my baby girl would be the most marketable! It's priceless really. Today I say 'who cares'. This little girl is so incredibly darling and adorable she makes me look good despite the hour of the day or condition of the house.
I will get better at it all. I hear that when you have your second child you'll be doing dishes with one hand while nursing your baby and carrying your toddler on your back. Yeah... We'll see.