Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sarphen Update

Will he be....Cameron? Dylan? Torrey? Finn? Oh, the list is at 22 now...yes, 22 names left in our draft. Steve and I finished a third round of name elimination since beginning the process with 202 names a few weeks ago. Sarphen, one day you will hear the story of how your name was selected and find appreciation in it as truly, your name will have been a favorite among both your father and I (we only hope you love it as much as us)!

I have to say my form is no longer 100%. Last night Steve and I went to a wedding set in a lovely location just minutes away from where we were married in 2007. I found myself dancing with him like good ole times, swinging around, doing some latin steps...oh it was fun. And, Sarphen thought so too-at least he let me know when we got home. I spent a great deal of the night feeling him twist and turn, but not in a normal, 'hey mom, just stretching my arm out' type of way. No, I really think he was picking up the pace and taking to heart the DJ's mission to get us all up on the dance floor to M O V E!

Yes, Sarphen moved low low low and then high high high as if making his own routine to some hip hop 'shake your thang' groove. Today I felt exhausted from the tumbles and tonight I feel very strained in my belly causing me to walk slowly and hesitate when it comes to any bending over or lifting. Hmmm. Surely this will pass or Kaitlyn will get some neglect as I carry her a lot-we do it all together. Cook our eggs in the morning, vacuum, climb up the stairs together....all with her in my arms, and her pointing to all the fun elements of the task. Possibly this is the forced start of what should be a natural separation phase. I may have to let her cry a bit longer at my leg as bending over to pick her up may soon pose a larger challenge!

I'm 31.5 weeks, people think I'm having twins (same reaction with Kaitlyn), and I haven't had the swollen feet syndrome nor the permanent puffed out face...yet. We'll see what happens in these last two pivotal months!

Great Grandma Delights

My sweet Grandmother (Kaitlyn's Great Grandmother) is aging. While it is an expected part of life, it pauses my heart when I see her, catches me in a trance of thought. A mere year ago she had an awareness of her forgetful mind, often stating the obvious with a tear in her eye, 'oh, my memory isn't the same as it used to be'. Now it is different. She keeps asking how old Kaitlyn is and when the new baby is due. Every time she learns that our little Sarphen is a boy, it's like learning it for the first time so you can imagine how fun it is to receive her joy. She has no awareness that she continually asks the same questions so I go along with it and know that Kaitlyn loves every ounce of her attention! But, there is something different when Grandma interacts directly with Kaitlyn. As if in autopilot, she goes right into a phase of life she has endured numerous times (she is a mother of five afterall). Her memory isn't required, and thank God her health is 100%, allowing her to be attentive to every Kaitlyn screech, hello, kiss, funny face and moment of exploration. I don't know how much longer my Grandmother will be with us, but what I do know is that despite the failing mind, I'm so grateful Kaitlyn and her soon to be brother, have these unknown few years to mingle with her, take comfort in her lap, and enjoy her warm embrace.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

West Yellowstone, Montana

It was an amazing trip. Kaitlyn was fantastic on the flights and officially became an outdoorsy girl! She loves flowers, finding rocks, watching the water of the rivers, the fresh air...and no mosquitoes bit her (quite the contrary for me)! As a family we headed to West Yellowstone to spend time with Jonathan (my brother), and his wife, Sarah as it was a trip that has been well overdue. Since they just built their new home in Yellowstone Village, it was an appropriate time to pay a visit! Lovely scenery, breathtaking actually. It's God's country for certain.

Part of the trip we were joined by Cousin Krissy and her husband, Marcus-a jolly couple with great stories and entertaining personalities! On the way to West Yellowstone we stopped for a couple of hours at Barb and Tom Kempton's home in Bozeman to rest up-Barb and her daughter, Meg, are dear friends of mine from my college days in Flagstaff! Tom and her moved to Bozeman from Alaska a year ago-I hadn't seen them in six years. We also had a visit with Aunt Collette and Larry on our trip back through Bozeman which included a delightfully animated stop at the Bozeman Home Depot to visit Cousin Jeremy! He was filled with life as usual and in his Jeremy charm, showed us all the departments of Home Depot while introducing us to not only co-workers but even shoppers!

Steve was introduced to the world of fly fishing by one of the best guides out there...Jonathan! He's been doing this for 16 years and is truly an 'educator' according to Steve. Apparently he has some way of seeing the fish before they see him! Both Sarah and Jon had time off to embrace sweet Kaitlyn's joy, take a break from their usual non-stop work life, and ultimately kick back for some late night laughter and memorable conversation. While I wasn't found on any bike, canoe, or strenuous hike-I would love to return someday when the children are older so we can all do the adventurous activities together! I was typically found out of breath (when going up the stairs in Jon & Sarah's home), relaxing, eating something yummy and of course, occupied with Kaitlyn!

Overall, Steve and I have been blessed once again to embark upon a wonderful journey through some of the most gorgeous landscape of our time. Sadly, this trip marks my last one for some time as being pregnant and flying has some challenges, not too mention taking care of a 14 1/2 month old! While Kaitlyn continues to reveal her animated personality, continues to expand her animal sounds, as well as her vocabulary, we sit back in amazement. She's a pure joy-even when she bites, or unplugs something from our walls, sticks remotes in her mouth and dials unknown numbers on our phones....her ability to steal your heart is contagious!

Wolf at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center.

Looks a little hungry.

At the Discovery Center, Kaitlyln couldn't keep out of this Teepee!

Chillin with her flower.

Stoke (518 lbs) and Spirit (343 lbs) residents of the Discovery Center.
(West Yellowstone)

Kaitlyn couldn't keep her eyes off them!

Hmmm. Glad I'm behind a major barrier-far enough away!

Morning stroll along the Madison river joining Lake Hebgen and Quake Lake.

Sarphen was along for the ride-active as ever!

Enjoying some patio time with Cousin Krissy at Henry Fork's Lodge where Auntie Sarah works! Gorgeous!

Looking at the patio. Inviting-if only one of those wines were mine!

Cousin Krissy, Auntie Sarah and Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn would put my hat on and talk to herself in the mirror, sometimes dance while watching herself and even kiss herself! This would go on no matter the time of day or night!

She truly loves her 'Baby'.

Kaitlyn and Izta, pals from the start!

Uncle Jonathan and Cousin Marcus-view from the deck.

Steve, Uncle Jonathan, Cousin Krissy and Auntie Sarah

Dusk. Yes, I think I'd like to spend more than five days here.

Kaitlyn's high chair while traveling! Awesome getup!

Dawn. 6am. View from the window of Jon & Sarah's new home!

Probably 5:45am...some awfully early hour-Kaitlyn was keeping me up-
but for this view, heck, I'd stay up!

Barb, Kaitlyn and I in Bozeman, MT.

Kita and Kaitlyn. Pals from the start!

Tissue fun-where it all started!

Kita, Steve and Tom discussing life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness!

Great Auntie Collette, on her and Larry's new property!

Chillin Larry!

Cousin Jeremy-Home Depot's greatest asset!
(Bozeman, MT)

Storytime with Uncle Jonathan
(The sunglasses were required to be worn by Kaitlyn...she kept putting them on him).

Auntie Sarah getting some naked baby time!

Uncle Jonathan, he's so gray!

Toy of the year: tissue box.

Is he a natural? Looks like one to me (unless it's the photographer)!

Look at that cast!

Snuggle time before breakfast.

Yes, that's Old Faithful erupting behind us!

Beehive geyser eruption, goes off every 10-20 hours daily.
We really were lucky to be there for it!

The Sarah's....Mommy Sarah and Auntie Sarah in downtown West Yellowstone.

Auntie Sarah spoiling Kaitlyn with nothing but fun!

Morning News

Life is truly hard.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Spiders and Stretch Marks...

Yes, I'm sure the title of this entry just pulls you in...Kaitlyn has an uncanny ability to find the spiders in this house, and no spider is small. Despite having our bug guy come and spray this past Friday, I still find these 1/2 inch or larger creatures racing across the tile for respite from...guess who? Yes, Kaitlyn the Spider Terror! She's like a giant jolly dancing fool when it comes to spotting one of these awful things (I have about zero tolerance for any bug inside, especially spiders)! I see her traumatizing the spider as her fingers draw closer and closer for a grab-luckily they are fast and too fast for her. BUT NOT FOR ME. While I should have some sympathy for the little guy, I don't. I love that Kaitlyn finds them as it means there will be one less living in my domain. Of course Kaitlyn doesn't need to know what I do with these creatures-the skip in her step may stop and then what? I just play it best that I can. I mean c'mon. I get the whole body shivers when I see spiders of any size-but with Kaitlyn around, I suppose I'm getting stronger with handling the situation, keeping my cool long enough to make a minor scene of something that would typically have me chasing after Steve for assistance! Do children make you grow up or something? Is this what's happening?

Now, onto stretch marks, such a lovely topic to follow the dance of the spider. I am blessed thus far to not notice anything new with our budding Mr. Sarphen. Despite his chubby appearance from our ultrasound today, and my voluptuous weight gain (I'm trying to be nice to myself), he's not tormenting my skin....yet. I wonder what the last trimester will bring-with Kaitlyn this was when it all struck. The stretch marks appeared, the puffy face and swollen legs/ankles/toes appeared. All that real fun memorable stuff!

Sarphen is weighing in at 3lbs, 3oz and has feet that measure approximately 2 full inches! Will he have the Patterson feet? Oh my....I even saw hair upon his head...little curly fuzz. I have a feeling he'll pop out with a head full of the tight curls! I'm so excited to catch his face...we couldn't make anything out today because of his positioning and his complete chaotic, unpredictable movements! He was all over the place in his placenta hideout. Well, stretch marks or not, he will be worth every scar!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun at Great Grandma's Apartment...

Hmmm. I wonder if anyone would notice if I.... Peek-A-Boo!!!

They all saw me!

I'm going to do it again!

Here I am! Ha! They are still looking!