Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Two peas in a pod.
Best Buds.
Best Friends Forever.
Love Ya Like A Sis!

Welcome to the Sibling-hood of Cosimo the Canine and his little Cutie.

Dress Ups

I think she looks like a pirate here! Ha!

It was silent for some time and I thought what is Kaitlyn up to? I had been at my computer, a work station around the corner from my closet. Sure enough, I sneaked toward the closet and got a glimpse of this little girl! She was knee deep into my bin of scarves and a shirt I had left on the floor was draped around her neck. She was in playland! So, I joined in on the fun and draped her with some glitzy scarves, gave her a necklace to adorn her outfit and a hat to top it all off! At one point she even wore a shimmery red bracelet! This is great...I love this stage of discovery! Harmless, priceless and great for her budding imagination!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

25 1/2 weeks

Kaitlyn in her I LOVE NY onesie, compliments of my dear friend Jenna....If you read this woman, know it was a happy moment when I realized she was finally big enough to wear it!!! Thanks for being a part of our day, despite you not realizing it!

25 1/2 weeks, but who is counting anyway? I had a rough week starting with a bout of food poisoning (at least that is what it seemed to be but I can't pin point a culprit) which then led into pure exhaustion followed by a headcold. Finally I'm better but with that means my sugar tooth is better, too...yes, the cravings hit so hard yesterday that I found myself eating three different desserts, only to finish them all today (surely a few days worth of calorie intake)! What the heck-SARPHEN????....I swear when Steve is home I don't do this, maybe he should work different hours so I'm not alone late at night rummaging through the treats! Ha ha ha ha....

Needless to say I had a real comical moment Saturday morning, worthy of reporting-even if a few days late!

Kaitlyn was sitting on top of the counter, watching me mix the dry dog food with the canned wet chunky gravy dog food.
Kaitlyn stood up.
Kaitlyn hits her head on one of the pots hanging from our pot rack.
Kaitlyn begins to cry.
Pot tumbles down to the dog food bowl.
Pot tips the dog food bowl and like a catapult launches out the freshly mixed dog food!
Kaitlyn stops crying, as I want to start crying!
Dog food down my shirt, on my shirt, on my arm, on the cabinets, across the floor, on the table...somehow not on Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn gets placed in front of the TV for a show of Barney (I thank God for this show).
I realize I have a bloody nose (third one in three years..c'mon, now????).

You can see how this unfolds. It was a moment-one that was providing me with insight as more are to come!

Motherhood-it truly is emotional which brings me to earlier today. I had a moment of self-discovery. Kaitlyn awoke on the wrong side of the bed in every sense of the phrase. For the first couple of hours she was Miss Cranky. No dirty diaper or hands pulling at the ear-it was straight up crankiness of unknown origin. Now, I need to describe this crankiness as it is becoming different than previous stages. Kaitlyn is developing a method of crankiness that is physically consuming taking her onto the floor, legs kicking and often arms sporadically flinging. I'm hoping to read up on this and see that it's a typical toddler behavior...but, if not, I will endure. My self-discovery was that I was not affected by her tantrum ways. Not the least bit of annoyance grew within me despite the intense frequency of these floor head banging spins. This reassured me that I will be able to conquer the battles of two toddlers! I'm ready for the curse (and really, the blessing). While I wasn't able to soothe her I did squat down to her level and talk with her as she made grunts and flung her arms some more--it was then that I noticed how terribly disgusting our floors get. How some moms do it all, I will never know.

I must bring this entry to a close-breathing in deeply I feel this little guy move around. Subtle jabs in the bladder, no problem. Rapid nudges, somersaults, pilates...I don't know what he's up to, but he's a real mover and shaker-more so than Kaitlyn ever was. Please let this mean he is getting it out of his system today so that when he does arrive I will have only Kaitlyn to run after and Sarphen to cart around! Wishful thinking....

Be well-and if you are ever in the area, know I'll probably have something sweet to share with you if I have not yet melted into our 'disgusting floors' (it's been sweltering out here...even my AC home seems unbearable...I am dreading the bill, surely it will be high, I keep having to turn the temp down to feel some respite)!

Baaa Baaa

Giving the sheep a kiss!

Another heirloom! My Aunt Collette made this darling little sheep and Grandma decided to give it new life by passing it onto Kaitlyn for some new adventures. It makes me sentimental to see her interact with it! Thanks Aunt Collette for making it truly stand the test of time!

Disneyland Treks

Fireworks show!

Tired Kaitlyn. Over stimulated. I don't think she even closed her eyes to blink.

'Yeah, I can sing!'

Look at how high she flies!

Family Portrait (Steve and Kaitlyn did the actual tea cup ride later in the evening, this was out for all the tourists)!!

Uncle Steve with Natalia

Uncle Stan with Kaitlyn

Myles (8) and Maya (10)-super kids who ultimately had a super day!

I've let too much time pass...the details of this day are becoming faint. What I do remember is Kaitlyn was a trooper (next to me) and as expected, she was so stimulated her nap didn't kick in until way into the evening followed by a deep slumber carrying her well into the following day. I, on the other hand, managed quite well in my Birks, hat and shades...not venturing on anything more than 'It's a Small World' and being rather happy about it! I generally was on stroller watch while Sandra and the Dads (Steve and Stan) took the kids (cousins Myles and Maya from Denver, and Kaitlyn and Natalia) on the top adventures. By the following day I felt like a train ran into me. I truly was exhausted-but you never would have known on the actual Disneyland day. Here are some snippets of our grand family outing from July 2nd!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Maui Sunshine II

Saturday night luau! Awesome!

Red Sand Beach in Hana...

The grandmas...

Molokini Crater-where we went snorkeling! Beautiful.

That's me (& Sarphen)...snorkeling toward the boat.

I don't think she had a clue what was coming her way. It was a helicopter ride that while being breathtaking, put this little one right to sleep!

Getting ready for the helicopter ride...

On a date...such fun to get dressed up and actually feel pretty!

At the aquarium in the shark tunnel-a huge manta ray floated right over us!

'Hi Bubba Gump' in downtown Lahaina. Yes, that is a giraffe on her back! His name is Jordy-a God-send when out and about. Some call it a leash, I call it no anxiety and an enjoyable family outing! Ha!

Fountain Fun

Kaitlyn with Brody, Mikey and his big sister Katherine

We see this fountain every time we visit the local mall down the street. It's a great place for families as everything is outdoors so there is a real charm to strolling around and feeling like you are part of a community. They designed this place with a central meeting spot where this fountain is found. Surrounding it is an open grassy area where summer concerts take place and even family movie nights. It makes for a nice free outing. Kaitlyn was finally given her moment to indulge in her own curiosity. Along with some of her friends, she went right into the water without any fear (although the most fearless was her friend, Brody). It was a refreshing morning and surely one that is worth repeating!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Expanding Waistline...

Words, no photo. My life is truly changing. I hardly focus on cameras right now and I'm sure you wouldn't blame me if you realized how I've been feeling/looking! During the first three months of this pregnancy I knew I was pregnant because I had that dreadful nausea haunt me almost daily. The only good thing about the first trimester was that I didn't gain any weight. Ha! Whatever, that is history. These days, while the nausea is totally gone, I am plagued with the heavy belly. I'm getting top heavy so the back aches are kicking in and even though I am not swelling in my feet, ankles or legs yet....I feel them-at least my legs since they have doubled in size this whole pregnant ordeal started the first time. Oh the joys of this era in my life!

I also have this strange new physical dilemma I'm forced to embrace...itchiness. It's the strangest thing but I call it chicken skin as my thighs, backs of my knees and lower legs have developed this razor burn look, and due to my itching (and you know I do itch in seek of temporary relief) the red bumps always look irritated. It's the most unsexy thing, next to the added cellulite. Cell-u-lite, what a word, why can't it mean what it says...'Hey cell...u, yeah, u, u light!' Quite the contrary, as isn't cellulite fat cells getting really plump and hanging out in clusters in the most unappealing parts of your body? There's nothing 'light' about this!

So, chicken skin, weight gain, nausea, sleeping propped up on a heavenly stack of pillows, middle of the night pee breaks and shortness of breath...don't YOU want to be pregnant?

I suppose I must regroup here...yes, I do want to be pregnant. How could I not sign up for another little one when I see my sweet Kaitlyn every day discover new patterns, interests, words and expressions? Today she was in mimic mode and made the elephant sound while moving her arm like a trunk after she watched me with great amusement do it several times...She is getting more and more communicative with her head shakes, up and down implying yes and side to side implying no...and NO she really means. How about the swimming lessons-she was submerged under water last Tuesday and so now when the water is running in the bath she plunges forward to feel it run over her face-it startles her every time, but she'll do it several times in a row at every bath session. My favorite is her laughter in the morning when we say 'good morning' to her penguin shaped humidifier-it really looks like a penguin and she just thinks it's the funniest thing in her room. She kisses it and laughs.

Now that's reason enough to tackle pregnancy a second time, don't you think?