Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alpha Kaitlyn

They truly are becoming friends-or at least Kaitlyn thinks so. Cosimo still is unsure since Kaitlyn first teased him with her Cheerios, holding her hand out with one pinched between her index and thumb as if she was going to give it to him. A lick later, she pulls her hand with Cheerio and it goes right into her mouth-let's just say once was enough for me, but I have a feeling this goes on a bit more often than I actually know! For dog preservation I've had to set some new boundaries with Cosimo and he's taken to them quite well-he has full range of scraps once Kaitlyn is finished eating, but until then he sits on his mat anxiously waiting for the 'go for it' sign! Kaitlyn knows no different, her hand still sticks out with a Cheerio, I give Cosimo the look of death and he retreats further on his mat. She wonders why he doesn't come lick, then with a snide look she sticks that Cheerio right into her mouth as if saying, 'too slow dude, you're no fun.'

Now that she is crawling EVERYWHERE, she loves to crawl just about ontop of Cosimo. He sits there hardly breathing fully knowing that she may dig her fingers into his hip or tail or heck, even his ears or eyes and he can do nothing about it. She is alpha no doubt about it. On his time he may get the courage to sniff her head and poke his nose real close to her face, and sometimes he forgets all together that she is literally underneath him crawling through his legs. Generally the two are harmless with each other, sharing every inch of floor space and if Cosimo would have any say, also sharing all of her toys!

I'm pretty excited about this budding relationship between the two of them despite my anxiety over the potential that Cosimo may step on her-I suppose worse things could happen.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Belly Laughs

Her new pony!

Our musical child-I figured it was time to bring some play instruments into her life.

Did I mention she LOVES playing these drums?

Her favorite hide-out, under the coffee table.

She has taught me how to laugh harder than I ever knew I could. Tonight Kaitlyn took on an energy that was so contagious I was on the floor in hysteria-actually, the two of us were on the floor in hysteria. She was laughing so hard causing me to laugh so hard which only caused us both to laugh harder. Is it possible that a mere nine month baby grasps the joy that she brings to this world? Wow. A snapshot at her right now: passed out in her crib. The belly laughs were so rich they were exhausting. Besides the laughter, her crawling is also exhausting. Now a hawk with extra eyes, extended arm length and an uncanny ability to sport spontaneous stunt maneuvers to keep her out of harms way...I'm well on my way into Motherhood!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a dollar can buy...

I like her attempt at the peace sign.

Her hands are always with expression!

That chin is so chiseled!

Recently I read an article about today moms who hire consultants or coaches to improve a child's sleeping issue, behavior challenge, or improve personal time management among other needs. Here I am, a woman who grew up always knowing I'd be a mother and with my own mother as my model, why wouldn't I dance in her shadow and do what she did: have a home based art business; cook every night and make brown bag lunches every day; maintain the yard, the laundry and the house; host unique and memorable annual parties; incorporate tradition and embrace the changing of the seasons with some ceremonial recognition. The list goes on. My mother is brilliant in my eyes, yet, when I compare her life (as seen through my lens) with how my life is today, we are worlds apart. Some days I feel like a wimp. If my mother could do all this and more, why can't I? Then it occurs to me, there are such different distractions today along with different priorities. First, we live in a time when technology is so handy it connects us all, all day long, all the time. This translates to extra energy expended on: e-mail, texting, blogging, facebooking, etc, and if you own an iPhone watch out. My mother never facebooked, she didn't e-mail, heck, my father was out to sea for six-month increments when in the Navy and the hand-written letter was the link that bound them together during these distant months (with a phone call here and there). I suppose I could rattle on about how things are different and it's no excuse for why I feel like a wimp, but I can see why moms hire extra help. I'm not saying I need to do this, or I would do this, but I absolutely can appreciate the businesses that are around today that support this possibility. It's reassuring to know that if I continue to feel like a wimp there are some resources I could look up only after I do the obvious: seek out assistance from great family members who love helping with Kaitlyn-huge blessing; and my super great husband who has been providing me with a weekly 'Moms Day Off', if there is such a thing, so that I can gallivant around, connect with my community, read a book, sit in a library, breathe...if I didn't have these luxuries to allow me to regroup, I'd be calling on a personal coach. I might need one anyway for my lack of self-discipline, I really could use the help as no words from dear hubby or my old school mother will suffice!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Explorer

(Above) It was a spontaneous visit by Kaitlyn's cousins Chiara and Brian and Chiara's boyfriend Brian. They were nearby and decided to pay a visit to end their night with none other, a fix of Sweet Kaitlyn! She really is the 'happiest baby on the block' and no Dr. Harvey Karp guidance brought her to this state. She takes to anyone with ease, no anxiety tantrums or resistence as long as she is aware of our proximal relationship! Steve's been able to spend more quality time with her lately resulting in the creation of a 'Daddy's Girl'. I've begun to notice she kicks her legs and throws her arms up when she sees him. Now when I leave the two of them her bouts of crocodile tears have been replaced with hearty laughter caused by her silly daddy!
Kaitlyn has also begun to crawl. It started about a week ago along with this unique squinting face expression (see below). Her explorations often lead her to a hot spot underneath the coffee table where she sits up and rocks just barely missing her head on the wood table top. Other explorations are led by curiosity and as if placed on fast forward, in no time she is at her non-baby proof destination which requires me to relocate her in another area of the room. Gone are the days of sedentary sitting up baby. Now I have the mischievous little mobile wonder making tracks everywhere! Talk about having to be on top of your game!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Leg Warmers...

Who said leg warmers were out of style?
Kaitlyn was sporting the 'protect my knees mom, I'm crawling around these days' look
while hanging with her new blanket created by Somer Garcia,
mother of Kaitlyn's new third cousin, Harrison.

See her pearly whites?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Magic of Photography

It's images like these that make me want to be a photgrapher. My Godson took these-Ian Hodgkinson. I do believe he has a hidden talent.