Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Explorer

(Above) It was a spontaneous visit by Kaitlyn's cousins Chiara and Brian and Chiara's boyfriend Brian. They were nearby and decided to pay a visit to end their night with none other, a fix of Sweet Kaitlyn! She really is the 'happiest baby on the block' and no Dr. Harvey Karp guidance brought her to this state. She takes to anyone with ease, no anxiety tantrums or resistence as long as she is aware of our proximal relationship! Steve's been able to spend more quality time with her lately resulting in the creation of a 'Daddy's Girl'. I've begun to notice she kicks her legs and throws her arms up when she sees him. Now when I leave the two of them her bouts of crocodile tears have been replaced with hearty laughter caused by her silly daddy!
Kaitlyn has also begun to crawl. It started about a week ago along with this unique squinting face expression (see below). Her explorations often lead her to a hot spot underneath the coffee table where she sits up and rocks just barely missing her head on the wood table top. Other explorations are led by curiosity and as if placed on fast forward, in no time she is at her non-baby proof destination which requires me to relocate her in another area of the room. Gone are the days of sedentary sitting up baby. Now I have the mischievous little mobile wonder making tracks everywhere! Talk about having to be on top of your game!