Monday, March 15, 2010

Make him laugh...

Kaitlyn loves Dylan and Dylan loves her right back. It's been a joy to witness Kaitlyn's recent tenderness toward her brother. Now that she is border-line motor mouth, I hear her saying sweet terms of endearment...
'Brother, I love you.'
'Brother, eets ok'
'Don't worry baby' (when he's crying)

It's just priceless and of course most of her sweetness is coupled with a kiss or two!

Jellies & Jewels

Girls. Girls. Oh my. They are fun to shop for, dress up and adore!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worst Cook in America





Rutland Court will never be the same. Now living admist the fire fighter, the medical sales guy, the truck hauler, the fitness equipment owner, the Rancho Cucamonga housewives and more, lies an Iron! Ha! That's right folks, somehow I was awarded the title of Iron Chef at our first Iron Chef competition this past Monday night.

It was an evening of flavor as Steve and I competed against each other to create three dishes: an appetizer, an entree and a dessert using a secret ingredient (revealed 15 minutes prior to our chop chop chopping)! We agreed upon five potential secret ingredients, went shopping for all five-and then some (evidenced by the mounds of food in the background of the photos). When Pork Loin was selected I wanted to faint. Disbelief was planted upon my face as I secretly refused to accept that pork would ever make it to the competition. So wrong. I faced my doom and panic set in.

I say I won because logistics were in my favor. Steve says I won as I always make incredible salads (without boring anyone with details...we both never completed all three of our meals within the two hour time frame thus my appetizer was competing against his entree-the fully plated dishes when the clock struck). Between my over peppery/pungent arugula and the under-roasted beets, tough and hidden pork loin salad and Steve's grossly overuse of garlic in his cauliflower puree, we both could have been labeled the Worst Cooks in America.

Despite the random ingredients that now line my pantry, ranging from a costco sized bag of pine nuts to a dozen avocados to a chunk of lard-our future meals will be composed out of desperation to make a dent in our overstocked shelves. We purchased all the ingredients that had potential of being used...I think I have three cartons of whipping cream in my fridge, six filet mignon's and three tubs of fresh raspberries hanging out along with 25 uncooked beets...that should paint a clear picture!

As I embrace this new week I'm strongly considering menu planning to beef up on my Iron Chef skills as the competitions will continue. We have already discussed the possibility of doing another one in June!

By the way, I had Dylan on my back the entire time. Maybe that added to my kitchen merit? No, I think the judges were overly kind...and really darn hungry.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swinging Child

Mom was visiting and while Kaitlyn and I were prancing through the grass she placed Dylan in the swing. How could I let this moment slip by without documentation! He's such a grown boy. At 4 months he is wearing size 6-9 months in pants and up to a size 12 month in shirts!

I can't believe the joy that my children possess. Dylan is most certainly his own character, however, I have begun to notice new sounds and expressions from the guy. He is often squawking these days instead of cooing. His verbal capacity is being showcased and often in competition with Kaitlyn's. Between Kaitlyn's excessively high-pitched screams and Dylan's bird-like sounds, you can't talk over them expecting to be heard. They are downright loud.
When he catches my eyes his legs begin to kick, his eyes twinkle and his dimples go CRAZY! Otherwise, when he can't see or hear me, he pretty much gnaws on toys and chills (assuming he is hanging out in the same room as myself and not in anyone else's arms). I've also noticed his physique changing. Breast milk is at it again...his thighs are forming those Pillsbury Dough Boy rolls and his arms are thickening up. Any day I anticipate him rolling over as well as sitting up on his own. He is a momma's boy right now and while it can be exhausting at times, there will come a day when he won't want anything to do with me.

I have a feeling that he won't be too different from Kaitlyn when it comes to how jolly he can become. While Kaitlyn has been expressive every given minute of any given day, Dylan is expressive for at least 70% of his awake hours or 100% of the time when he's in my arms!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nana's Birthday at Harold's and Belle in LA

The cousins pre-cat fight! They are just darling together. Hugs and kisses, then holding hands. It's real love and like all real love, the fighting began about an hour into their hanging out!

Natalia sporting some haunting eyes...Kaitlyn had just risen from her slumber.

Alexis and sweet Natalia.

Yeah, S@$t, I mean Spit Happens.

He just woke up from a long slumber...

Dylan chillin with Uncle Stan...a rare moment as he
NEVER seems to like chillin with Daddy!

Yummy. Two days in a row, blown diet.
Sweet potato pie, I think it was worth it!

Nana in all her birthday glory!

Hanging with both grandkids...They just love their Nana!

Cousin Todd, Uncle Stan and hunk of a boy, Dylan. (Dylan began the lip quiver shortly after followed by an outburst of tears..mommy to the rescue!)