Monday, September 19, 2011

Krammie the Caterpillar

Kaitlyn has a love for all things tiny that slither, slide, hop, roll or crawl in the comfort of our yard. Today her adopted friend was named Bella, then a series of other names as the day progressed, until she finally was satisfied with Krammie the Caterpillar. This little bugger was given royal treatment. She carried him faithfully around the yard, made a bed for him, gave him exercise opportunities (let's just say the intention was good but the method was painful to watch-she was banging his bowl that was his 'bed' onto the window repeatedly....oh my). At one point Dylan got a hold of Krammie and this is where his life began to fail. Dylan pinched life out of him literally and so as the afternoon fell into nightfall, Krammie was found limp and already into the preliminary stages of gangrene. Kaitlyn didn't care, in fact she still held him with high regard and such care. Finally she was convinced he would be better off on his own and that she would find another friend. Well, that didn't last long, either. Within minutes she was holding him and providing him such love as if this force of energy would perk him up once again. In bed saying prayers, Krammie was included!
I wonder what will be in store for us tomorrow. My feeling is that Krammie died many hours ago so he'll probably be right where she left him.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A refreshed outlook....

Sometimes growing pains are really just that, growing pains. I would summarize the blur of recent months as being rich with growing my two growing pains, but then I'd dismiss the actual moments of joyful expressions, the heartfelt sentiments and general tender sweetness that both Kaitlyn and Dylan possess regularly. Like so many other areas of our lives, the negative encounters cloud all blue skies. When you no longer see that beautiful monochromatic azul throughout your horizon, or even speckled here and there, you are in trouble. Thankfully I was re-grounded a couple of weeks back and seem to only celebrate the blue coming at me from all angels directly from Heaven! Lovely, really. Just lovely.

So on that over the top note, may I shed some light on moments worthy of celebrating!

Dylan has pooped a few times in the potty and lets me know daily when he needs to poop prompting the opportunity to sit on the toilet, pretend pushing as if he is really pooping, flush and say goodbye to all the make believe poop and pee. It's quite the routine. He has skipped using any potty training seat/device and sits directly on the toilet that you and I sit on. Yes, he is a big boy. For the record, there is an occasional push that does produce a poop, like earlier today!

Kaitlyn, after making her a cheese quesadilla that had a little apricot preserves spread like butter within, said to me, 'Mom, you are just the greatest. This is the best.' Is this really my child? Last week at Costco, as if struck by the Kindness Bolt, she wrapped her arms around me and said, 'I just love you so much mommy.' Makes me think some child at school does this to their parents regularly and thus she is adopting this practice??? No matter what the inspiration, the mere fact it is verbalized made me swell within...I felt like my insides just might burst from an overload of warm fuzzies.

Dylan tried putting on his own shoes the other day. Just like his sister. Today he did put on shoes, but not his own...her mini high heeled pink princess shoes with feathers and faux diamonds (along with her teal sunglasses and hot pink/silver purse)-it was a sight!

Kaitlyn can really test boundaries, and she does so frequently! However, she has begun this new phase of least I'm classifying it as such. When I hold firm on my stance for something simple like telling her to wash her hands, head upstairs for the bath, may take three times for it to register through that I'm not succumbing to her 'pretending to not hear you mommy' behavior. She will all of a sudden state, "Ooooooooohhhhhkaaaaaay Mommy," and head to her task. I must say it gets me boiling sometimes but the second she launches into the "Ooooooooohhhhhhhkaaaaay Mommy" gig I'm fully satisfied and officially accomplished!

"I wanna help." Dylan. This is his mantra right now. It's borderline annoying so when I feel this angst creep inside me I take a breath and give thanks that I have a child who wants to be so engaged with what's happening in my world and around. His favorite tasks right now are: vacuuming, doing dishes, mixing things in a bowl at the counter, sweeping and loading the wash. Kaitlyn is completely opposite. I will ask if she'd like to help with something and very frank she will respond with, "I cannot help today. No, maybe tomorrow." I count my blessings-at least one of two is eager!

Needless to say there is much to celebrate despite Kaitlyn chucking a baby walker toy down a flight of stairs while Dylan was on the stairs; the two of them tackling each other like opposing football teams complete with bite marks, face scratches and hair clumps; the indoor screaming matches and the all time favorite....grab the toy from the other and everywhere until crying is heard and either someone has a bruiser or blood is shed. It's a jolly life over here at the Patterson household. I'm lucky I somehow stay out of the crossfire-and truth be told, I am really lucky. These children are such little gifts, I'm constantly reminded at how precious they are, how beautiful they are, and how blessed I am for being their mother!