Monday, October 10, 2011

...and there you have it.

It's another report of random notes, rich with personality and obvious highlights in our life! Enjoy the cliffnotes...

Our sweet Kaitlyn has no fear. Snakes, reptiles and the like were a part of her summer program at school in early August. She was quick to volunteer for holding one of the visiting reptiles! (Photo was taken by a teacher and sent to me as she was overly impressed by Kaitlyn's curiosity)!

The sun was beating down with great intensity. The MOMS Club took a hike in August up the street from our home to really just wear out the children. We didn't get too far, maybe a quarter of a mile...but the energy expenditure did the trick! Naps for all, including myself!

Sassy by daylight, and even sassy by nightfall.

Driving by my brother's neighbor, and here you go, the community Bison making his friendly way to the front garden for mid-day grazing. West Yellowstone was such a highlight to our summer, this is just one of many photos...the wildlife is surreal.

She drew this mermaid and said Grandma would like it because of the blue and peach. The hair is supposed to be long and flowing like Rapunzel (her latest's lasted well over a month, an obsession with wanting long hair).

Us girls celebrating our friend's daughter, Brylie, first birthday.

Hanging with Papa for National Grandparent Appreciation Day...

And here is Grandma...

Great Grandma, we love you! PS. The monkey body art is from the earlier celebration at our neighbors party!

Dylan at the LA County Fair-a bit serious for this riding horse!

Raspberry picking with our friend, Daniel, at the end of September up at Riley's Farms. Not one raspberry made it to the car. We were at the end of the season, but still picked quite a few!

I thought they were in bed, sound asleep. I heard laughter and when I peeked in, this was worthy of a photo. Notice Dylan in a tutu? Real fun night, for them at least!

Kaitlyn is our house artist, she crafted this one fairly quickly and titled it Bread. Must be influenced by Grandma's bread baking!

Can't let this go unnoticed! 80's night for Steve's CEP conference in Vegas, early October. He went preppy, complete with the pegged pants (see below). I went classy 80's if there is such a thing and sported the worst ever rayon pleated & tapered elastic waisted pants. But, make up and hair....not so bad despite how bad the photo is!

Hanging at the park in God's biggest tree in Rancho Cucamonga, for sure!

So, there you have it. A few highlights of the kiddos and even a shot of me, despite the transformed blue eyes! I will leave you with a few statements made by Kaitlyn today:

"I won't pick my nose and eat my burgers any more mom." She said this as I was painting her fingernails. It was always my rule, I won't paint her nails if I see her eat her burgers. I've noticed a great improvement, so I offered to paint them tonight. This is her style: Big Toe is hot pink. All four other toes are purple. Fingers: Thumb is hot pink. All four other fingers are purple. Interestingly enough, her 17 year old cousin, Talia, paints her ring finger a different color then the rest of her fingers. I just learned this last week...are these two girls related or what!

She came whimpering out of her bedroom tonight saying that no one was in her room to protect her. We go through this almost nightly. I told her that Jesus and Mary will protect her because they are everywhere, in fact, they are even in her heart. And...without a missed beat, she launches into"But mommy, my heart is broken."

Dylan is pooping consistently in the potty. He asks for it and then once situated on it, he's a pooping machine. I think having an older sibling is helping as every time Kaitlyn has to use the potty, he cries out of frustration that, he, too, has to use it and doesn't like that she is occupying it!