Monday, April 5, 2010

Working Backwards

My blogging frequency has dramatically tapered off ... I sit here tonight realizing how many Dylan milestones and Kaitlyn songs have yet to be documented, I figured I would work backwards and see how much I can capture relying upon this pre-alzheimer mind of mine!
Dylan brings me joy that infuses my whole body. It's something about his smile and the way he meets my eyes that triggers this youthful spirit within me. He is so mellow and while he can appear to be a day dreamer at times, the eyes, once locked with mine, ignites his sparkle (among other things...generally dimples, ears raise and his arms extend with a little bounce). I just want to animate him so I can constantly get that refreshed joy. He's going to be a wonderful little brother to his passionate sister! And, might I add, a wonderful son that will keep his mother grounded!
Some exciting reports on this little BIG boy:
He wears size 12 months in tops, and size 9 months in bottoms and he's only 5 months old!
He has a deep voice and hearty laugh-both known to project across the room when Kaitlyn is conversing with him.
He pretty much gags on cereal at this point in the game and is jazzed that he's moving into the world of sippy cups.
He is still nursing...yesterday, today and I know tomorrow. This kid has NO interest in the bottle, believe me, we are trying daily, multiple times.
He loves peas. In fact, I don't think he can get enough of them. We offered him some this evening and it was as if he had never eaten all weekend, the poor boy lunged forward with every bite not too mention his hands were attacking the bowl.
As of this morning, Dylan has his first tooth!
Now, his sister, on the other hand, had her first dental appointment a few weeks back and I'm proud to report she did a swell job holding any tears for the very end of the appointment despite the many "Mommy!' calls she gave out in search of reassurance that I was present!
She has a slight accent with the words 'Four' and 'More'...I suppose it mimics what I used to do with the word 'Dirt' (what they tell me, anyway).
Row Row Row Your Boat, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, This Old Man, ABCs...her favorite songs to sing (and she really sings them)!
She counts everything, often leaves out the number 5, likes to save it for something really special like when she walks up or down the 16 stairs we have.
Ice cream couldn't make her happier.