Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Changing of the season...

It's been two full months and I've not written a word, hoarding all child moments for my own memory, preventing anyone from relishing in the full joy that I've been experiencing of late. Summer has come to a close for us as now both Kaitlyn and Dylan are in their third week at school. Together they tackle four days, Tuesday thru Friday at the local Montessori Academy-a place I have yet to fully know since the last two years we were at another Montessori over 15 miles away. Now the eight minute commute is a welcomed reality, I feel like I have earned it!

Leading up to school, I had the kids full time at home from end of June, all of July and August. During this time we experienced some solid fun, solid lessons and solid love. I am proud to report that my little Kaitlyn has grown up tremendously -so much so-that Grandma mentioned her improvement during their recent overnight. Kaitlyn now preoccupies herself with activities that require deep concentration. Or, maybe more accurately, she falls into a deep concentration when engaged with various activities, most requested being any type of craft. Beyond the artsy world she possesses an obvious hunger for mastering tasks and is on a quest to further her repertoire of knowledge. She's down right curious, often asking questions that I find challenging to answer. Sometimes I fib and refer her questions to Steve knowing that my walking-encyclopedia-husband will have a quick answer appropriate for her thirsty mind! I've heard that people relearn life when they have children and now I get how this happens. My retention of just about anything is slim to none so children are challenging me with my own life pursuits, historical facts and then the basic life questions that one would assume any human would have an answer for! Well....I don't always!

Dylan is a force to be reckoned with. He's a superhero trapped in a 2 year old body. Seriously, he's in fantasty world often. He'll step into this stance, hands on his hips, stern look upon his face and then he'll say, "I'm Spiderman." It's a full character experience! My favorite is when he wears his homemade Batman face mask, constructed out of yellow and black construction paper, pseudo laminated by way of clear tape and stretch string to keep it on his face! This kid is drenched in costume, imagination and the memorable DEEP DYLAN voice. Where did the latter come from? He is a rock solid little bugger, and then he opens his mouth, talks and people stop to listen. He commands attention with this voice alone, but with is mask of the day and superhero energy, he's just a fun show!

Dylan continues to pest his sister and she, him...but the coolest experience is how they feed off one another. I suppose this has been blossoming for some time but as of late their make believe sessions revolve around playing house-surely dictated by big sister Kaitlyn. Nonetheless, Dylan plays the role of Daddy or Baby. Kaitlyn remains true to her own character, but under the pretend play of Mommy.  Yes, she's bossy-as am I.

Speaking of bossy, Kaitlyn likes to control how a situation should unfold. She will arrange the scene for you, then tell YOU what to do and say, play by play. This is not always met with a degree of welcomed involvement, and that generally leads to a minor meltdown. She is particular. This I would attribute to Steve. Children...you really can see your own self in their development.

We are back on the church track, giving our go with the local Catholic Church in a neighboring town. First week my idea to go was met with, "I don't like God." Hmm. Really? Second week was met with, "I love going to church. Just like cousin. We get to learn about God. God created everything, even me and you Mom....and Dylan and Daddy." She's hilarious. Dylan doesn't really know any better and quite frankly I can't wait until he's 3 so he can attend the child's program that is offered during mass...he's just a rambunctious boy that finds fun anywhere else but near me when forced to stay somewhat calm and contained. Lord help me! I figure the routine of it all will pay off in the long run and eventually the two of them will possess that reverence and understanding one can gain through going.

This morning Kaitlyn was putting on winter tights adorned with varying snowflake designs, her sunburst yellow skirt and topped with a long sleeve patterned green and peach springtime motif. I told her in my most affirming voice-you know she's soooo independent that of course she feels super great for dressing her own self-, "You know Kaitlyn while I love the tights and this new shirt, ...what you have on today does not match." She stood, astonished by what I said, momentarily computing her thoughts, then burst out with, "Mommy, I'm a rockstar today." Ok, I give up! Like I said, independent little one.

Before closing...do know a litany of photos will come soon. The kids enjoyed a couple of days at the beach in our relative's beach condo, a day at LegoLand, a handful of birthday parties and their first RV style camping trip. We ran around this town from park to park, attempted bike rides and train rides, ate yummy afternoon treats and cooled off multiple times in our blow up swimming pool. Summertime was embraced fully around here. Team Patterson now moves onto Autumn...what lies ahead: dance class and Spanish for Kaitlyn, soccer for Dylan, and Gymnastics for both! I'm tired just thinking about it!