Wednesday, January 28, 2009

8 Month Update

That's right everyone I'm eight months old and cruising-literally. My mommy keeps putting me on a blanket thinking I'll stay on it but all the other parts of the floor are more exciting to me these days. I seem to do well scooting backwards and rolling, but I have this strong determination (I get it from my Daddy) so I'll be crawling in no time. In fact some days I do a couple of crawling maneuvers!

Because my Mommy is into food she seems to keep me on a regular dining schedule-which is quite fine as I love what she makes. My list now is fairly long so I won't bore you with what I'm eating but I did just try blueberries for the first time and hopefully soon I'll get to try some other meats, I'm getting a little tired of the pureed chicken with sweet potato and apple casserole combo.

Did I tell you that I can fall asleep on my own? I'm learning how to like my crib a little more-I did bite it the other day and it's no carrot, nor is Mommy's arm.

Mommy is teaching me 'no' but I think it's a funny word and since I don't really know what she means it's more fun to giggle at her.

Gotta run, I'm up past my bedtime-the wind keeps waking me up.