Sunday, July 13, 2008

Diet Shift

Dear Kaitlyn, one day when you are grown and facing your own decisions about what to eat, possibly you will consider eating like I am right now. Since Monday, I have had to alter my diet as there is a possibility that what I have been eating has been impacting you through the consumption of my breastmilk. Instead of eliminating just dairy, as your doctor suggested, I have also eliminated the following from my diet in hopes that upon re-introducing them, I may identify what has caused your recent rash outbreak & puffy eyes:
All NUTS, including PEANUTS
While it's initially a hard thing to imagine as I love food and have always had a strong love affair with it, eating with new eyes has been quite informative. I've started to really read ingredients, actually learn what some of these strange words are and come from. This diet won't last forever, it's just temporary, but each meal is worth it. I figure I only get one of you and why not learn to eat differently. I'm already losing weight (I think it's from the diet...and my walking).
So, here I am on day five of eating this way and I must say I'm feeling terrific. I've noticed I've been eating smaller portions and discovered my new favorite dessert is a Vanilla Soy Yogurt! Oh it's awesome. I just hope I don't discover you have a soy allergy--that would really be a bummer.
Again, when you are old enough to make your own decisions about what you want to eat, think outside the box and try something vegan or whey free. You may be surprised how tasty it all is....unless you are trying out fake cheese. And, it is just that, FAKE. Don't waste your time!
Many blessings,
Momma Sarah