Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in the New Year

Despite the longing for more art in my life, the hunger for more personal time, and the ravenous desire to look like I did when I first met Steve....this New Year is starting off with great gusto! My children keep my days blurred and often filled with maze-like jaunts throughout the home. What happened yesterday stays in yesterday and what happens today stays in today, aka: my memory is very short term! After bringing in the New Year with silly string, wine and fondue, and a brief travel to Arizona, which was filled with day trips and sleepless nights, I embrace what may come my way as each month unfolds. My hopes for this New Year are:
Kaitlyn learns the difference between an inside voice and an outside voice; that she gets potty trained with ease; the transition from 'my' bedroom to 'our' bedroom (Dylan is due to move in this coming week) goes smoothly and that she continues to wear her hats and tutu and finds an enjoyable yet thorough way to brush her teeth!
Dylan doubles his birth weight not at six months of age (as anticipated) but rather anytime after that; his hair falls out like Kaitlyn's did giving us a couple of months to take photos of him with a mullet or mohawk (whichever path the hair loss reveals); that he can enjoy being in Daddy's arms for more than 15 minutes so I can get a longer break; and that his bunking with Kaitlyn doesn't create some havoc in his sleep cycle!
Steve loses his Biggest Loser competition with me but still loses a chunk of the weight he wishes to cast away; his work schedule becomes predictable; he masters the Ben Harper song he keeps practicing and he works through his aroma issue resulting in his ability to still kiss me if I have mint-scented lips or coffee breath.
Me...I successfully dive into my art room and never come out of the creative zone; organize my office files and actually use them; win the Biggest Loser competition between Steve and I; run a 10K and find time for more faith development, child play and journal writing.
We shall see, we shall see what unfolds.
Happy New Year!