Saturday, October 30, 2010

A morning to capture...

Side profile. Trying to show off his 'Heames Butt' (aka, No Butt)!

Future pianist.

Notice Kaitlyn's mis-matched shoes. Intentional. She was pretty proud for putting them on this particular morning.

Getting ready to compare legs and feet.

Checking out their toes.

Is it just me or are these kids attempting the same expression?

Checking each other out.

'That was funny, sis' says Dylan with a slap to his knee!

'Dylan, I'm not funny. Y O U are funny.' Kaitlyn states this in her typical 'I'm the boss of you' attitude.

Catching some respite. Notice her lovely bed hair!

Same morning. Post bath. Dylan is attempting to side tackle/head lock his sister!

Kaitlyn swiftly moves in on top!

And back down to the side...

Chilling for a moment before striking out again!

Let the fun begin!

He's all tuckered out!

Having a great time, despite a soar leg!

Moving on up in the world! Dylan's first facing forward car seat. He was in heaven, in awe and awake to take it all in!

Yummy fingers!