Thursday, October 28, 2010

One. Numero Uno. Primero.

Happy Birthday Dylan!
As I cast my gaze upon you I'm struck with the changes that have taken place. Already one year of age and in reflection, it seems my memory can only retrieve life moments from recent weeks so my awe is clouded yet confident that you have stained my deepest memory banks and heart much like Kaitlyn. To recall the recent milestones is worthy enough of celebration, but the one year mark is comparable to the rites of passage some youth take as they enter into their years of maturity. Dylan, your blossoming personality puts me into a thoughtful state, allowing me to envision you becoming that friend we all have who seems to only say the words we need to hear, or that boss we desire to emulate; you will be a man of character and integrity. One with whom people will become influenced by simply from your demeanor and presence. I see great things for you, little guy and no, I don't believe it will be ruled by a football!
As the subtle lifestyle changes take place...the conversion to whole milk from formula, the shedding of the infant car seat to introduce the forward facing big boy seat...I am tickled within that the infancy days have come to a complete close. Now I am a mother of toddlers. Two glorious rays of sunlight that seem to penetrate my day with a vibrancy of colorful chaos, you both twirl around my legs and heart with a rhythm of possibility.
Dylan, you have taken on a role of obedience quite different to that of your sister. One 'no' and your eyes are onto a new task with your body right behind. Your tantrums are mild and generally include dancing feet taking you in circular paths. Screaming is not not your forte, only singing and grunting, both conducted with your baritone of a voice.
I cuddle with you Dylan knowing these days will be short lived, and in months our reality may be a headline such as...the demise of the mother son bond. Oh how I pray those days never come.
As we continue on this life together, you a toddler and I your 33 year old mother, I stand tall by your side, ready for your tomorrow, in awe of you today and in gratitude for our yesterday.
Happy Birthday, my son!
PS. Kaitlyn doesn't think it's your birthday, but rather her birthday as she says, "My birthday is not from May".