Monday, August 2, 2010

Urban Traveler

Kaitlyn rode home with Daddy to allow both of us access to the car pool lane. It was her first time in a front seat and apparently won't be the last. She LOVED it, or as Steve said, she was over stimulated!

The serious co-pilot.

Dylan, 'I want your water, Sis'.

Kaitlyn, 'Dylan I told you it's mine, you can't have it!'

Friday was a day of exercise for the Patterson family! We loaded our bikes, our Burley trailer, and headed to Long Beach. Nana greeted us with her fancy three-wheeler, and together we cruised the boardwalk...

Dylan was vocal about his dislike of the entire idea from the minute his helmet was strapped.

Kaitlyn continually held her chin high and took on the big sister role with such grace-putting her arm around Dylan and expressing words of consolation...until they both had enough.

Kaitlyn figured ways to pester Dylan, toss items outside the trailer and sit in a way to make Dylan feel like he had no control of his own posture. A real sight to see, and for me, as they were hitched to my bike, a real sight to hear! Adventurous memories.