Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can I get new feet?

Today was sweltering.
It was 104 degrees.
My feet didn't enjoy this.
I started my morning at the dog park with Cosimo, hiding in the shade.
Following an afternoon outdoor tea party at my girlfriends house, my feet swelled to a new size.
"You could get stretch marks in your feet, they are so swollen!"
Let's pray I don't establish some new groundbreaking pregnancy symptom typical of mothers-to-be as they approach the last weeks....foot stretch marks. Can you imagine? Horrific. It's bad enough that my foot has grown one whole size in the course of nine months--although it will be a good excuse for shopping once Baby Patterson arrives!
They say to keep your feet elevated when you are swollen; well, what they really mean is if you are swelling you need to stay in bed. Really, it's way more comfortable to be propped up in your bed with mounds of pillows underneath your legs and feet than find some place on your sofa and jimmy rig a way to elevate your limbs.
This photo captures the state of my feet at 4pm they were much larger (if you can even imagine) and now at 11pm the size of my feet actually match the size of my ankle as that has grown in diameter as well!
I'm feeling a little ugly and disgusted with it really. BUT, I will survive. It's only two more weeks to go.
I can do this.
I can do this.
Mind over matter.
My feet are swollen, so what!
I'm envisioning what I'll look like one month from now. Will I be living barefoot or be wearing something new and strappy for the summer while I hold onto Baby Patterson and smother her in kisses, forgetting about all the swelling and discomfort?