Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Grandmother Love

A recent visit to Kaitlyn's Great Grandmother (GGma) was truly as tender as these photos illustrate. GGma was in Heaven and rightfully so! We went over to deliver some photos of Kaitlyn wrapped in the beautiful blanket that GGma had knitted. She was beside herself, swimming in a childish happiness. The look on GGma's face when she was handed Kaitlyn to hold and love was just memorable. She sat there on the sofa, Kaitlyn upon her chest, and never shed her smile. Babies do things to people. Here I lied next to a woman who had lived a full life, 90 years of it only to be contrasted by a baby who had only just begun to live...I was somewhere in between, living.
It was a gorgeous day for this outing which added to the enjoyment of the visit. When GGma walked us to the car for the big departure, tears streamed down her eyes. My heart was crying, too. There may not be too many more of these visits and then again, there could be another ten years of them. GGma is in good form, but like many of the elderly, her memory is failing. It makes for some good laughs as she has been known to forget she just consumed a bowl of ice cream and so she goes to make herself a second helping. Or my favorite was last Christmas, she had been out shopping with my mom. GGma was told 'Happy Holidays' by the cashier and she looked at mom and said, 'Is it the 4th of July?'. Laugh? Yes. Heavy heart? Yes. We'll all be there someday.
I celebrate this memory and can't wait to further tell Kaitlyn about her GGma, both of them along with the Great Grandpa's who are all angels in Heaven watching over her!