Friday, December 4, 2009

Super Nanny Please

Photo taken at the Hodgkinson's home-Kaitlyn was dancing to the music while wearing these 3D glasses that were for viewing their Christmas tree! It was a sight to see...little miss spunky!

Where is Jo from Super Nanny? Can she come for a private session? Today Kaitlyn has bit me more times than I can count on one hand. She has tested my limits that I'm at the mercy of any advice. What I'm praying for now is a R E A L serious face. I believe she senses my nerves and strong desire to crack up when I'm scolding her. Knowing too well that if I crack a smile she will take a mile and unfortunately my emotions are worn upon my sleeve. I haven't cracked yet, but I've made a semi-smile frown and forced tears to compensate for my overwhelming desire to burst into a manic laugh! I think you would, too, if you were facing her mischievous temperament that is ever so present behind those big brown eyes.

Time out is catching on, but I'm beginning to think she likes the idea of time out, so much so, that she doesn't think twice about:
-climbing up onto the coffee table...
-dangling one leg over the side of the couch while staring right at you with her tongue peeping out the side of her mouth...ignoring my 'Kaitlyn, sit on your bottom please'...
-opening the techno cabinet (place where all our digital devices live) and ignoring any 'Kaitlyn close it shut, please'...
-biting my leg, pinching my arm, hitting my thing to the next in that order.
Will this end? It's a total game and I'm totally losing.