Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My little sweeper...

She'll help me push the shopping cart, sweep our floors, carry in groceries and even fold the laundry (at least put things in piles and hand me items)! She's got such a great nurturing and helpful personality blossoming! Her latest milestones are many, but to name a few:

1. Feeling sad when seeing something sad; feeling happy when seeing something happy
2. Singing 'I love you, You love me' (yes, I think this is due to too much Barney???and ok, maybe it's a one-hit-wonder at the moment, but I'm sure she'll be singing it again soon!)
3. Feeding herself fully with her spoon (she's mastering this...)
4. Putting caps back onto bottles, lids back onto containers, etc...
5. Hair is longer
6. Comprehension is top-you can ask her to get something and she'll grab it and give it to you
7. She gives great hugs and kisses on command (ok, she's been doing this for some time, but it's fun to write it anyway for the thrill of it)
8. Climbing onto the sofa (and pretty much anything else...her piano...into the bathtub-yikes)
9. She's a budding yoga queen
10. 'No, no, no, no' and she'll say it when it's the right time to say it, not just because!

As an added bonus, she loves giving my belly button kisses. Who knows why, maybe she is realizing her younger brother is inside??? It's really precious.