Monday, May 16, 2011

Shots of great times...

It's been a LONG time coming. I know. These photos are just a snippet of my iphone uploads. I realized as I was transferring the files that I snap so many shots while on the go but then as if I never took them, they stay in my phone lost in the electronic web of time. No longer...these are my favorites and cover the last three months of some exciting adventures, parkdates, playdates, shopping excursions and overall classic hours spent in our home! in month three of big girl swinging!

In her words, "Mommy, I'm playing the stand up bass"!

Hanging with cousin Chiara. Carousels and suckers, what more do these children need?

This may be an indication of what is to come when Dylan has more hair.

And Kaitlyn, too....

My favorite image capturing his fro...

Who painted who? First water coloring session as siblings.

One of our favorite parks-the kids can run, and run, and run. Then, they nap. It's great logic.

Kaitlyn's Airel Princess Shoes-the only shoe of four pairs we tried on that she immediately stated, "These feel great, mommy. Yes, these are the shoes." Note, she actually pointed to the box as they came out stacked with the other sandals and stated then that she wanted that pair.

Our Easter Eggs. First year of coloring together!

Dylan with his 'twin' Luke at the park.

I'm not sure if this is any indication for what preference of transportation he'll desire...but, if you ask me, he does look like a natural!

The sunglasses do it for me. Too cool for words!

That's my boy!

Halle Berry at the Revlon Walk/Run 5K I did with a few girlfriends...She is way tinier than I ever imagined. Fun stuff-ran the route in 33 minutes!

Mother's Day and a carousel. Happy Girl. Happy Mother.

Sitting atop the biggest lady bug ever! This silly Kaitlyn look is so typical! See the atitude already?

Putting lipgloss on her girlfriend...oh my! These two girly girls were up to their ears in dazzling frills and sparkly lips!