Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Day Note

It's the end of Mother's Day and I feel exhausted but truly celebrated. While I wish Mother's Day rang well into multiple days, much like the the Jewish Passover, or the Muslim 30 day Ramadan, I will take a 24 hour spread of time. Being a Mother is like no other chapter of my life and quite frankly I couldn't go back to any previous one even though I can daydream at times of being child-free so I could carelessly shop on a whim and take overly long showers with loud music channelled throughout the house! Oh, those days are gone.

The days that are here are filled to the rim with adventure, imagination, way too many "NO's" and just as many "I love you's" highlight a few moments of late, here are some notes worth mentioning:

High Chairs are collecting dust as both children would rather dine on their knees or sit on the regular chairs than being in what they would consider the chair for babies!

Dylan, now at 18 months, has expanded his B vocabulary with: Balloon, Ball, Boo for Book and seems to be hard at work with refining a few random words such as umbrella (usually sounds like 'umbellah') and uck for Truck-which of course is accompanied by a big sound and finger pointing as he only says this word when he sees one...He will have to speed up his talking to have any chance at debating Kaitlyn (that girl was singing the alphabet at 18 months)!

I say to Kaitlyn, "I love you, too" and she responds, "I love you, three".

Kaitlyn continues to go to school three days a week and most recently began to stay later on two of the three days to encourage an afternoon nap. On the fourth late day we had a break through-she was found in a deep slumber when I arrived to pick her up. I was so ecstatic, I couldn't wake her up to take her home. It was the strangest feeling, I just wanted her to stay sleeping and sit in awe over her.

Dylan is known at Kaitlyn's school on a first name basis and he even thinks he goes to school when I drop Kaitlyn off. He carries in her lunchbox and places it in her cubby along with helping himself to the cups of water. Her teacher, Ms. Daniels, includes him in her good mornings and circle time when we arrive a little late. Needless to say it's been a wonderful environment for both the children. The routine has paid off and will further pay off for Dylan when he starts there in the new year!

It seems that a million details have been lost this past month due to my lack of documenting the stories of these children. I'm not even sure I can retrieve them from my memory as each day is flooded with new experiences, memorable and imaginative conversations and my ever present mental fog.

Just a highlight...Kaitlyn is truly her father's daughter. This girl is an adrenaline junkie. Recently when I asked her what kind of car she wanted to drive when she was big she corrected me with, "Mommy, I don't want to drive a car. I want to ride a motorcycle." Then she went on to clarify that it would be pink with diamonds. Another adrenaline hint was what she revealed she would like to do for her upcoming in a helicopter wearing her princess dress. Yes. Yes. This is a super frilly girl that will one day tell me about her sky diving adventures, bungie jumping and off-roading excursions. I'm not sure I'll want to know in advance-they will be risky for certain!