Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Winter Slumber.

Highlights from a winter slumber...it's that simple. Slumber. I have not been awake long enough nor focused enough to capture milestones that Kaitlyn and Dylan have encountered over these past few months so in hopes the moons have truly aligned, my slumber still awaits but the writer in me leaps as the ink meets the blank sheet (or text meets the blank screen)!

Now two months shy of FIVE, Kaitlyn busies herself with make believe, often referring to her brother as 'son', or 'Daddy'; she names everything Isabella; appears to have a knack for Spanish and can't miss a chance to correct her brother's pronunciation; sounds out all letters of ALL words even if it means she will be late to school-a tantrum for reading, should I complain? She screams and wails and certainly knows how to hold her own, but never forgets to say I love you; she feels accomplished when she styles her own hair; drumming a repetitive rhythm comes as natural as her own heartbeat; she has a surgeon's precision when completing her pin prick projects at school; recites lyrics like the alphabet and eats all things all colors including green! Kindergarten awaits her this fall.

Dylan has tackled THREE with the passion of a natural born athlete implying a ball of any sport is an extension to his daily attire; he's a determined bike rider; wants to take his family on a trip in a space shuttle; seems to love orange dinosaurs and all things superhero. He's the new poster child for the you tube tutorial 'How to pester your sister in less than three....(seconds, minutes, miles...you fill in the blank); he loves trains and anything with buttons; he's incredibly thoughtful and tenderhearted; can mimic his sister's colorful expressions while offering a mischievously innocent grin; he loves the word NO but never fails to ask for anything with the magic word, Please. He's finding confidence with his letter recognition; can be found in his birthday suit more often than not and he still cuddles with me in the morning!

My two youngsters now face new responsibilities. They have five fish to care for,  Cosimo (our dog) to walk and eggs to crack for morning meals. What can I say? They are truly growing up.  Each brings a unique flavor to my day that contributes toward my spirit of gratitude. I'm so lucky for their fiery temperaments, their cuddly naps, their copy cat wars and particular food tastes. A day in my life is NEVER EVER boring, that's for sure....like....

...a month ago the children were awfully quiet. Steve and I both know that when we can hear our own inner muse at work something is up. Sure enough Kailtyn had Dylan in a captive audience while she was stripped down outside finding great entertainment in peeing on the grass. Or...when Dylan tries to wake his sister by shoving his foot on her face...how about the remarkable declaration that Kailtyn made, "Mommy, I want a penis so I can touch it"....yeah. It's never dull!