Sunday, February 19, 2012

One day I'll laugh about my blown fuse...

We took a snow day one sunny afternoon and thinking there would be mass amounts of white dust, we were lucky to find this one single patch. Kaitlyn and her great friend Luke were in Heaven, totally thrilled to play around. Dylan remained fast asleep the entire outing!

Yes, this is from my cell phone...I love my cell phone's camera!

Arms Up!

Again, I must work backwards in order to capture recent adventures. My memory is so spotty that I'll be lucky to jot down a few great ones from the past few weeks. Here is goes ('clank'-making a toast to you):

Ten minutes til we need to be in the car ready to drive to church, I finish combing Dylan's hair downstairs and head up to the kids bedroom to check on Kaitlyn's progress with not only her potty break, but also her progress with dressing. Am I surprised that I found her bare bottomed and completely graffitied from hip to toe with blue nail polish sitting on her CLOSET FLOOR? (Insert foul language here...only thought, not spoken). Oh Lord help me. That was it-this poor girl kept repeating, "I just wanted my nails painted mom. I just wanted them painted." Now, let's rewind a good thirty minutes...I brought her clothes to the toilet as she was doing her duty and responded to the following inquiry with a "Not now Honey, maybe this afternoon when we get back from church"

INQUIRY: Mommy can you paint my nails?

Hmm, not sure how she didn't get the message, but this little sneaky girl decided to climb up on the counter, open the medicine cabinet (she has NEVER done this before) and grab her trio pack of nail color she got for Christmas. Obviously she knew the stash was in there, but did she just now figure this out or had she been scoping out the situation for some time?

My reaction-very calm, but very stern. I took the nail colors and threw them in the trash. Then I took out a trash bag and collected everything from the medicine cabinet. Heck, she displayed total deviant behavior. Oh how I cannot believe she is my child!

Dylan is my early riser. Just shy of 5:30am today. Generally around 6am his deep voice greets my deep slumber from the hallway behind his gate and I spring from my bed to grab him before he launches into a morning jig complete with a shaking of the actual gate. Yes, it's quite loud if you haven't already guessed.

He is one big love in the mornings when it's just he and I but the tender hearted Dylan LEAVES the moment he sees his big sister. He's like a woodpecker, he just repeatedly strikes against her. (Another Lord help me moment).

Needless to say we are still in the throws of tantrums, sibling rivalries, and food strikes. I'm too patient. It's causing me strife. Watch out Dylan and Kaitlyn, mommy Ms Mean is coming to town!